Thursday, March 31, 2005


So Daniel and I headed out to our usual Wingsday all you can eat at Hooters. We were lucky enough to sit in the best looking girls section, which was great because she was a terrible waitress. Imagine that! As Daniel flirted with her throughout the course of the evening we learned that the average, and she was not average, Hooter girl gets asked out at least once a day. I thought that it would be more than that but that's what she said. She has been asked out by virtually every type of guy you can imagine, old, young, rich, poor, fat, skinny, bald and downright disgusting. She keeps a journal in the back so at the end of each night she can right down who/how or maybe even a couple of what's has asked her out. She wants to be a writer and that will be her first book.
After our fill of wings and a couple of pitchers of beer we headed off to the E where Lauren, 19 year old waitress, was trying to tie a cherry stem with her toungue. We watched in amazement! She got a double knot!!!!! Wow. We talked to Lauren for a while, sangs some songs, drank some beer. J was there to sing with us as usual. Justin was really cool for a change and we had one of the best nights at the E since all the management changes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Linda's Bet

If anyone out there is planning on betting with Linda on when I will start hating my job and say something negative you'd better not bet on anytime soon. I love this place! ha

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Linda's Pool

If you plan on taking action in Linda's "How long will Bruce like his new Job" pool I would not bet on anytime soon, I love this place!

Sanchez vs Koscheck

OK, here we go. Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koscheck. If you'll remember I did pick Diego at the start of this whole thing, the winner of this fight goes on to beat Kenny Florian. Florian is an excellent fighter but I don't think he stands a chance against either of these guys, he just is giving up to much size!
The 1st round started a little slow, Diego initiated all the action, Kos tried a gew leg kicks but the didn't have much on them. Diego was more active, controlled the ring the whole round. Kos ended up taking Diego down but he was able to get right back up and land a couple of stikes and knees. I have Diego up 1-0. (so did the ladies of my IM conference)
Round 2 - more of the same, Kos was able to take Diego down almost at will but immediately Diego would either attempt a submission more or get up. When he got anywhere near a submission Kos would back out. Kos also began keeping his head down allowing Diego to deliver knees causing a bloody nose. Diego up -2-0.
Round 3. Diego upped his end of the deal, getting more aggressive toward the end of the fight. He looked very tired coming into the round but it was Kos that ended up gassing out toward the end. Diego dominated this fight start to finish. Kos had the takedowns going for him but nothing else. Diego was striking, throwing knees, initiating the action and he was far more active from his back than Kos was from the top and more dominant striking position. This should be an easy one to score, Diego 30-27. (3 rounds to 0 on a 10 point must system where the winner of the round gets 10 and the loser gets 9 or less for those who don't know).
Dana White comes out and announces a split decision?????? WTF! The 1st judge had Deigo 29-28, the second judge had 30-27 for Kos (he must have been watching a completely different fight, unbelievable. I know I don't like Koscheck, I think he's a piece of crap, but I've been scoring fights since I was about 6 years old. My daddy taught me young, it was an old hobby of his.) The final judge had it for Diego, I think 29-28 again. Thank God! That would have been the worst decision ever!

Fight night with the Ladies.

Most who know me know that Monday is my night to be a computer geek and talk on line with other MMA fans before the show The Ultimate Fighter comes on. Last night things went a little different. There are a few ladies that get a little frisky in the threads from time to time trying to distract us good honest people from talking MMA. Frank, one of the moderators of the forum is always having to tell them to watch what they say and what not. So the ladies, Frank and I all signed up for the Yahoo messenger last night and started an IM conference. It started with Indy Girl and myself, soon Gix, Sugarbelle, Psychick, Aethne and Frank all joined. We had a great time getting outside the rules of the forum in an anything goes type setting. Truly cool chicks that can hold up there end of the conversation when it comes to MMA, as well as being dirty minded! If you can distract their attention from thinking of Chuck Liddell for 1/2 second that is. We talked well into the evening until my server went down on me, of course. Probably couldn't take the heat. If you're out there ladies it was a blast and I'll see you next week.

Monday, March 28, 2005

This is my brain. Posted by Hello

This is my brain on drugs. Posted by Hello

This is my brain on drugs with a side of bacon, grits and toast. Come enjoy all the specials while my brain is on drugs at the FlyingPython! Posted by Hello

More Michael Jackson

I was watching the headline news this morning and Michael Jackson was talking about his trial. He said that he was no different then many other African men persecuted throughout the world. He said he fel comfort in thiinking of Nelson Mandella and all that he went through. Huh? Did he really compare his persecution with that of Nelson Mandella. He needs a reality check. Do people still support him?? Yes, they do.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ummm...You got any burgers or hot dogs in there? Posted by Hello

Yes, As a matter of fact we do. Posted by Hello

And just in case there are German lumberjacks!

Ich wollte... ein Holzfäller sein! Ja, ein Holzfäller! Der von Baum zu Baum hüpft, die auf den mächtigen Wassern von Südtirol hinabschwimmen. Die gigantische Rotbuche! Die Lärche! Die Tanne! Die kräftige Kiefer! Der Duft von frisch gefälltem Holz! Das Geräusch der stürzenden mächtigen Bäume! An meiner Seite, mein liebes Mädel... Und wir würden singen, singen, singen...
Ich bin ein Holzfäller und fühl mich stark,Ich schlaf des Nachts und hack am Tag.Er ist ein Holzfäller und fühlt sich stark,Er schläft des Nachts und hackt am Tag.Ich fälle Bäume, ich ess mein Brot,Ich geh auf das WC,Am Mittwoch geh ich shopping,Kau Kekse zum Kaffee.Er fällt die Bäume, er isst sein Brot,Er geht auf das WC,Am Mittwoch geht er shopping,Kaut Kekse zum Kaffee.Ich bien (Er ist) ein Holzfäller und fühlt sich stark,Ich (Er) schläft des Nachts und hackt am Tag.Ich fälle Bäume und hüpf und spring,Steck Blumen in die Vas'Ich schlüpf in FrauenkleiderUnd lümmel mich in Bars.Er fällt die Bäume, er hüpft und springt,Steckt Blumen in die Vas'Er schlüpft in FrauenkleiderUnd lümmelt sich in Bars...?Ich bien (Er ist) ein Holzfäller und fühlt sich stark,Ich (Er) schläft des Nachts und hackt am Tag.Ich fälle Bäume, trag StöckelschuhUnd Strumpf- und Büstenhalter.Wär gern ein kleines MädchenSo wie mein Onkel Walter.Er fällt die Bäume, trägt StöckelschuhUnd Strumpf- und Büstenhalter...?...Wär gern ein kleines MädchenSo wie mein Onkel Walter!

The Lumber Jack Song

I never wanted to do this job in the first place!
I... I wanted to be... A LUMBERJACK!
Leaping from tree to tree! As they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! With my best girl by my side!The Larch!The Pine!The Giant Redwood tree!The Sequoia!The Little Whopping Rule Tree!We'd sing! Sing! Sing!

Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay,I sleep all night and I work all day.

Mounties: He's a lumberjack, and he's okay, He sleeps all night and he works all day.

I cut down trees, I eat my lunch,I go to the lava-try. On Wednesdays I go shoppin'And have buttered scones for tea.

Mounties: He cuts down trees, he eats his lunch, He goes to the lava-try. On Wednesdays 'e goes shoppin' And has buttered scones for tea.

I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I like to press wild flowers. I put on women's clothing, And hang around in bars.

Mounties: He cuts down trees, he skips and jumps, He likes to press wild flowers. He puts on women's clothing and hangs around.... In bars???????

I chop down trees, I wear high heels, Suspendies and a bra. I wish I'd been a girlie Just like my dear papa.

Mounties: He cuts down trees, he wears high heels Suspendies?? and a .... a Bra????

Friday, March 25, 2005

How good is Royce Gracie?

Most, if not all, martial artists have heard of the Gracie family name and most know the tradition. Royce (pronounced Hoyce) won 3 of the 1st-4 UFC's in a pretty impressive fashion, usually fighting larger and heavier opponents. Royce has seemed to develope a bad name in martial arts circles over the past few years and I don't know why. Ken Shamrock said in an MMA magazine in the fall that Royce was a pussy and that he would not fight again (Gracie has beaten Ken Shamrock). On January 1st of this year Royce, at 6 ft 1 in and 179 pounds, fought Chad Rowan (aka Akebono) who weighs in at 484 pounds and is a Sumo Grand Champion. Royce beat Akebono in 133 seconds! Say what you will, to give up 300 pounds and be that effective is impressive to say the least.

Royce's own father has said in numerous articles that Rickson (Royce's brother) is more aggressive, physically stronger and a better all around fighter. I'm sure only they know. I still cannot figure out why people talk bad about Royce from time to time. His father is notably upset with him over the way Royce has 'Americanized' Gracie Jujitsu and I certainly wont be the one to get in the middle of a family dispute on who's right or wrong.

I do not think that Royce Gracie is the best fighter in the world, my personal belief is that the most talented cream of the crop fighters probably never step in the ring becasue martial arts just mean something different to them. I have had the pleasure of seeing Royce fight live on 2 occasions, UFC 1 and 2 in Denver, Colorado. Keep in mind that the UFC has 2 rules back then, no eye gouging and no 'repeated' kicks to the groin. (once or twice, sure that's fine just don't repeat it!) Back then there were also no weight classes, no rounds, no time limit and the ref did not ever stand you up. In my limited knowledge of Gracie Jujitsu I believe he has an incredible grasp of the discipline and art. It is truly amazing to watch him constrict his body around someone with such precision and make them submit. Although he beat Akebono incredibly fast that isn't his normal style. In what I think was Royce's most impressive performance he faced Kimo who at the time was 6 ft 5 (still is) and weighed in at 285 (if I remember correct, he now fights around 245). Kimo is by no means fat, even at 270-285 he is in incredible shape. Having seen Gracie fight on a couple of occasions I still thought he would have absolutely no chance giving up that much weight. It took Royce around 5 minutes to get Kimo to the ground (the ground is where Gracie will fight all his fights, at 179 you don't want to go toe to toe with people 285 and packed with muscle) and about 40 minutes to constrict and move and twist his entire body around Kimo's head to choke him out.

I have not studied Gracie/Brazilian Jujitsu, I have a book but that means squat! I have however studied Wing Chun, Hakuryo Jujitsu and Muay Thai so I do have some concept of what he is doing. I think he is an incredible fighter, he's not cocky, he doesn't talk smack, call people names, he just wins fights, over and over again he wins fights. I think he opitimizes what martial artists should strive to be. He's good at his craft, he's incredibly disciplined and a class act to witness.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

OK I have to get political again.

It doesn't happen very often but I do find myself feeling rather political after speaking with my father. For those of you who don't know he is a US Government teacher, has been almost my whole life (yep, you're old dad!). So after watching the evening news and flipping past the headline channels all talking about the Schiavo case (hope I spelled that correct) I decided to do some research. I've come up with some interesting (if only to me) points to ponder....

We've all heard Bush, along with every major conservative and religious leader, state that they will try and keep Mrs Schiavo alive because she has rights. I've heard different leaders and the family refer to Mr Schiavo as; heartless, a terrible husband, a liar. The phsycic John Edwards was even on a monrning show saying that he "knew" she was coherant even if she couldn't talk. (couldn't see his own show getting cancelled but saw this?) We have also heard over the 1+ terms that George W firmly believes in getting rid of abortion, also to proctect life.

I realize that I am generalizing and grouping people together but I think it's fair to say that the conservative and religious leaders have done a lot in the past 6 years to have a protect life at all costs stance.

I can respect and appreciate these values, may even agree with some of them. The train came to a screeching hault when I read on line about the "Texas Futile Care Law". George W Bush signed this law in.

The Texas Futile Care Law states (readers digest version) that a hospital can "pull the plug" on someone who is unable to pay their medical bills. This past week an infant had the plug pulled against the parents wishes due to lack of payment. (Isn't Texas George W's state?)

If we truly had a 'liberal' media wouldn't this be all over the f*&^%ng place! I've been hearing about the Schiavo case for how long now????? I had to read about this infant, the 6 year old Baby Hudson (boy), on line.

So I guess all in all life is precious and long as you have the money to keep paying for it.

New diet trand

With male obesity now rampant in many parts of the world but especially in the USA, I feel it is my patriotic Duty to offer the Swift Exercise Diet (SEX Diet) to the general public. It has been known for many years that sex was good exercise, but until now nobody has offered a scientific study of the caloric content of different sexual activities. So, now after 50 years of "original and proprietary" research I am proud to present these scientifically achieved results for your information.
With her consent.................................12 Cal
Without her consent............................2187 Cal
With both hands.................................8 Cal
With one hand...................................12 Cal
With your teeth.................................485 Cal
With an erection..................................6 Cal
Without an erection............................3315 Cal
Missionary.......................................12 Cal
69 lying down...................................78 Cal
69 standing up..................................812 Cal
Wheelbarrow..................................216 Cal
Doggy Style......................................326 Cal
Italian chandelier.............................2912 Cal
Real......................................112 Cal
Fake.....................................1315 Cal
Lying in bed hugging...........................18 Cal
Getting up immediately.........................36 Cal
Explaining why you got out of bed immediately.......816 Cal
20-29 years....................................36 Cal
30-39 years....................................80 Cal
40-49 years..................................124 Cal
50-59 years................................1972 Cal
60-69 years................................7916 Cal
70 and over............................. Results are still pending
Calmly.............................................32 Cal
In a hurry.......................................98 Cal
With her father knocking at the door...........5218 Cal
With your wife knocking at the door............13,521 Cal

Got this in an email from Karen! Good Stuff!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Blogger convention!

So Linda drug me to another "meet the bloggers". At least this time there was BEER! Nothing against my fellow bloggers, I actually like most of the ones I've met from this area, just not the normal people and setting (probably more the setting) I like to hang out in. Linda, sexy thing that she is, is VERY popular amogst the bloggers. Can you blame them, I say no. If Linda acted as sexy and cool as she is she could easily be queen of all bloggers, I know that she does not act sexy or cool because when I tease her about her 'loyal subjects' she gets offended. If she were a hot chick who acted like a hot chick she would not act the way she does. (that may not make sense to the ladies but I think the guys know what I'm talking about) Anyway, Linda took me back to my car and we parted ways for the evening. Somewhere along the way I got talked into going to Linda's mom's house for Easter. How did that happen?? I must be slipping in my old age. I was headed home and called the normal 'boys' night crew. They were in for the night. So I met up with J at the E (which I really am trying to avoid, I don't go there to hang out anymore, just to meet people). J is someone who truly makes me laugh. The guy is hilarious. He's a big Memphis fan so we left the E, headed to Friday's and watched the Vandy vs Memphis game. Memphis won!

I have to do a quote of the night again, hope this carries the laughter on-line as it does live and in person.

J and I are at Fridays speaking of a beautiful lady taht is walking by.......J "wow, she's hot" Me "yup, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers" **looks down at his nether region** "Right crackers!"

Love that gag!

3rd day of work

So on my third day of work I am still doing great. I can remember Mein Fuerer saying "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" I can't believe I'm going to say this but.......she was RIGHT! HAHAHAHAHA. The grass is much greener and taste bett.... I love my job.

Today I went out to lunch with a couple of the guys from the office, had a good time cutting up and talking smack. It's such a relaxed atmosphere here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little Michael Jackson

Oh what happened to that sweet little boy. Now he leans toward sweet little boys! I cannot turn on the damn tv or radio or internet without seeing something about Michael Jackson so I guess I should right about it.

1) Anyone who shows up to trial, one that will potentially land them in jail forever, looking like Captin Crunch should be escorted straight through the system to a cell! Does this guy own a pair of pants that don't have a red stripe down the side?

2) This whole fainting and limping thing has got to go. Actually what needs to go are the millions of dilusional fans that are more worried about him fainting and limping.

3) I heard he was going to need to file bankruptcy. HA! What a crock, he can move in with Mike Tyson. 1 black guy, 1 former black guy, 1 monkey and a tiger. Throw Robert Blake in there and I think we have a reality show!

New Job Day 2

2 days and I haven't been yelled at or been blamed for something I have no control over. Is this really how people go through there work life? Am I dreaming, somebody pinch me. Preferably female!! Wow, so this is what it's like to manage people. Seeing is how I've been doing this for 4 years it's about time.

Dear Mien Furer,

Bite me!



Monday, March 21, 2005

The ultimate fighter Leben vs Florian

So tonights big twist was that there are 4 middlewieghts and 4 lightheavy's left, 2 of each on each team. The team's will have to fight themselves so they can each send 1 fighter from each weight class into the final. We know all the fights for the next couple weeks. Tonight was the first one. Chris Leben, who already lost 1 match but was brought back by an injured fighter, and Kenny Florian. Florian, or Kenflo as they call him, normally fights at 155-168 and is now fighting at 186. In my opinion he should go back to the lower weights. You can tell he is a skilled fighter but Leben manhandled him in the cage, pummelled him with punches and dominated the fight. Dominated until Kenflo landed a clean elbow in the middle of the 2nd round that opened up a gash over Leben's eye and ended the fight based on Dr's orders.

I don't want to take anything away from Kenflo, seems like a good fighter with a lot of talent. But next week we'll find out who he's fighting, either Diego Sanchez (who I picked to win it all) or Josh Koscheck. Both of those guys will beat Kenflo unless he can pull something out of his rear again. It's possible, the Bucknell Bison beat Kansas!

The Examalot!,6115,1038276_110392860_0_,00.html

The listed link is an entertainment weekly quiz of Monte Python. Being the enthusiast that I am I couldn't resist, big thanks to John for calling me and pointing it out! I was able to get a 7 of 10, I thought I would do better than that. As punishment I'm going to make myself watch The Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life and the Flying Circus series. I love being grounded!

1st day at work

Can you see that smile on my face? I should have left that #$%#^^# company 11 years ago after I started. I love my new job and my new boss, he gives and recieves shit almost as good as I do! And, when I seemed to have got the best of him in our verbal ju-jitsu he just smiled and said "oh I like this guy" to the other owners. Mien Furer would have had me gassed! I actually did manager stuff. Mien Furer would ask me to do manager stuff and then micro manage it herself.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The underdogs fell hard

I woke up and headed out to meet Daniel and John, couple others showed up along the way but we were watching the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately the Vermont Catamounts could not pull another upset and make it through to next weekend. Also my bandwagon favorite Bucknell lost today, they made a pretty good show of it but in the end both these underdogs couldn't stay with the higher quality teams. 2 upsets that did happen today were not in my favor, I've always followed UConn in basketball cuz I was born there. Gonzaga I like cuz my high-school weight lifting partner went out there to play baseball when we graduated, they've also been a great story to watch over the last few years. After a lot of basketball I headed over to the Outback to have dinner with Linda and home for an early evening. I would like to get some good sleep for my 1st day on the new job.

Saturday night fights

Well we've been hitting it pretty hard lately so I decided to take a night of and go to Mike's house to watch the PPV fights. Great decision! What a night of action. Eric Morales and Manny Pacquiao went toe to toe for 12 rounds. Most of us thought that Pacman would win this fight but Morales came out swinging and just didn't stop. It was a close but fair decision with all 3 judges scoring the fight 115-113. It was good to see all 3 see the fight the same way, all to often in a close fight 1 judge has the score completely backward and creates a lot of conroversy. I had Morales winning 1 more round so my score was a little of the judges but basically the same. In the fight before the main event Arce and Hussein also stood toe to toe for 12 rounds. Arce recieved a bad cut on his nose in the 6th round that just bled and bled throughout the fight. That did not stop him from coming forward and taking shots to deliver shots. He clearly won the fight and the hearts of many fans. The comentators mentioned that he was a fan favorite because he just finished competing on the Mexican version of the show big brother. I haven't seen or heard of this show but I picture 35 mexicans in a 1 bedroom apartment, I think they call it Grande Amigo! I wonder if any of Daniel's relatives were on the show, I'll have to ask him.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Go Bison!

Bucknell won yesterday! The Bucknell Bison upset Kansas, who I think was picked to win it all by some at the begining of this year. If you want to join the Bucknell Bison Bagwagon please jump on.

Going away party

Had a great time at my going away party. A lot of people showed up to wish me off and/or to beg to come wok for me at the new place. I'm not the only one who doesn't care for Mein Furer. Drank lots at the E, possibly the last time I will go there to actually go there. Might still meet people there since it's a good central place but Linda was right, that new trivia they do is obnoxious. How do you figure a sports bar for doing live trivia during the NCAA tournament?????? Doesn't add up. Then they announced that they were going to do this trivia every Tuesday. Tuesday was the night all the regulars used to go, I doubt we'll see many any more. I did play along when Mike and Kim needed my help, they ended up winning off a question I was able to answer. Ben was on a date with some guy. Being an ass as usual. He gave his lover boy the main prize even though it was Mike and Kim's team to begin with. Normal night at the E.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Finally, my last day!!!

It took long enough to get here but it is finally my last day. I'm so happy to be leaving. Mien Furer has made my working life hell since I moved down here. The constant misunderstadings between here and many different people that work with me that usually result in them or me getting our butts chewed, the 16 hour days, the moving to graveyard shift for a week, NO MORE! I will miss the people I work with, most of them anyway. Wish I could take a few with me, since the company has decided not to refill my position and dumped my work on the other 3 managers they are all looking for work now too. I'm glad I got out when I did! Party at the E at 4pm!!!!

After today I'll probably not go back ot the E, it's not been the same since Brent left and Linda had some kind of issue there last night so she's not going back either.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sick Day

So I called in sick today, here's how the conversation went.

Me: "I'm not going to come in to work today"

Mien Furer: "What's the matter?"

M: "I have acute anal glaucoma!"

MF: "What the hell is acute anal glaucoma?"

M: "Well, I just don't see my ass coming into work today!"

Love that gag!

Happy Wingsday

So Daniel, John and I headed out to Hooters again for all you can eat wings, about 5 pitchers of beer and whatever else you look for in a Hooters! Seemed that few of the girls from last week were there and flirting was at a minimum, a downer for a night at Hooters so we headed down to Dermundrelum street. The night was good, good music, tummy full of wings and beer.

Here is the fight we went to in Tunica, this shows how close we actually were. The guy in the shirt outside the ring is Dave Menne, a former UFC world champion. Posted by Hello

This is Ben, OK so we made him out of napkins and matches, those who know who Ben is will know how truly close this is to reality! yes, we were bored! Posted by Hello

This is Daniel, drunk off his ass and laughing so hard he cannot help but cry. This is what a good time we had on Saturday. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

It's happened. I have nothing to do. They finally transitioned all my duties, meetings and general crap I put up with. I was really hoping they'd just let me go but I think it may be fun for them. I'm sitting at my desk, eyes watering from staring at a mah jong game for 4 hours. I think I've read every blog on the web. Took the winter cover off my pool last night so I surfed teh web for solar covers and pool toys. Yup, I'm bored. I think I'll have a drinking lunch today to make the rest of the day go quicker. Or maybe I'll take a nap in the dark room.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"c'mon man. in 20 years no ones ever done that" This was when I clicked a picture of the photo guy and asked him for 5 bucks. Posted by Hello

The Ultimate Fighter

Last night was a long night. My home computer has been acting up ever since I moved here. I've tried sprinkling it with Holy Water and burning incence around it, nothing seems to work. After rebooting, defragging and cleansing every folder I could get my mouse on I was at the end of my rope. I had tried everything else, so I decided I would kick it as hard as I could and throw the keyboard against the wall. Unfortunately that didn't work either, now it won't even turn on. I was deprived of chatting with my mma friends, the only chat room I go to and the only night of the week I go. So I waited for my show to start. The show was pretty un-eventful, I'm learning to hate the reality part of it, just get on with the fights!!!! Alex S (supposedly the weakest light-heavyweight) against Forrest (most, including myself think is the best). Alex jumped right out on him throwing bombs, one of which gave Forrest a large cut over his left (?) eye. Forrest was able to weaher the storm and get Alex to the ground. Once he got him there he was able to pummel him to submission. Forrest won the match and 5k for the knock out but may be the worse for wear with that cut. We should find out next week if he can fight again.

Oh yeah, bought a new computer today. I probably wouldn't have done anything else constructive with that $1k burning a hole in my pocket! :)))) temper temper!

Monday, March 14, 2005

St Patrick's Day

Hello everyone. St Patty's day is my favorite holiday, celebrate it like Christmas. here is another cheerful holiday song from my favorite comedian, Stephen Lynch.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

5 more days

I only have 5 more days to be good at work and then I can start my new job. Wahoo

Saturday Night part B - Bruceleeroy Farley

Enough BBQing, time to get changed and head down town for a good time. We went to Mrs Kerri's on printers alley. Early on Daniel asked me to do the Matt Foley impression which sparked the attention of a guy who owns the company that puts on the Karaoke there. He started hanging out with us and talking to Daniel and I about doing an 'act' of some kind, me doing Chris Farley impressions. Just then a gentleman with a 'photos' sign walked by, I asked "how much for a photo" he said " 5 bucks" I said "OK" and clicked a picture of him and then said "give me my 5 bucks!". This made everyone within hearing distance crack up. No hard feelings, the guy said that was hilarious and that in 20 years he'd never have that happen. This owner guy thought that was about the funnniest thing ever and decided he wanted to play a trick on everyone. He went around and told the bar staff, his staff and many people he knew at the bar that I was Chris Farley's little brother. None stop people buy us drinks and asking for pictures for 4 hours. Worked out well for me also because the bartender took interest in me, I like her becasue she has of land. After the bar closed they kicked everyone out except for me and Daniel. Being a celebrity has it's privelidges. Kelli, my new bartender friend, wanted to have some more drinks with me while cleaning up.

All in all it was an excellent evening, tons of laughs (my head aches and my stomach hurts from all the laughing we did last night), good times, good pranks, met some new people!

l8tr dudes

Saturday Night part 1 - The BBQ

So the night was suppossed to consist of us all meeting at the E and heading to the Nashville Kats game. Daniel's brother secured a suite for us. Unfortunately our comp suite got yanked from us for a prospective buyer, living of comps these things will happen. So we decided to throw a BBQ, we sat around, listened to music, ate some dogs and burgers. Drinking hapily into the evening. Some of the neighbors in Daniel's apartment complex just started coming out and hanging out with us. (we were being a little loud!) Oddly enough that guy "MJ" from the real world on MTV dates a girl in the building next to Daniel's, the night before when we got home he was going in the house and John kept asking him when he was going to be on the inferno. Daniel and I ran into him when going back to get some chairs and invited him to come over. He declined as they were headed away for the next week. Oh yeah, if your interested he's going to be on the inferno in June. We griled well into the darkness, literally had to take pictures of the grill with my digital camera and look at the picture to see if the dogs were done. The comedy started when someone mentioned Celebrity Jeopardy that used to be on Sautrday Night Live. I happen to have them all on a cd in my truck so we started listening. Then Daniel kept making me do my Matt Foley motivational speaker impression, that's when we got really loud. One of the ladies from the BBQ wanted to accompany me downtown when we went, she got a little offended when I told her that she was very beautiful but I was drunk. I asked if she would still be in "High Def" in the morning, or, was she "high def" cuz I was drinking and she would be like a rabbit ears signal later? Some reason that didn't go over to well! 1/2 the crew wanted Demonbrilumminum and the other 1/2 wanted printers alley. We decided on printers alley because Demonbrulim is always to crowded.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Bored at work

Well, (heavy sigh) I'm bored. Ever since I put in my notice I've been doing my best impression of the movie office space. If you haven't seen it go get it and watch, that's your homework for the weekend. My boss came into my office today to ask me about a report, I was all-in in my Texas Holdem tournement so I had to ask her to leave. For some reason she didn't like that to much and asked me if I wanted to stay through next week. I said no. But she's not done with me quite yet so if I want to not burn my bridges I'll have to play some what nice for another week.

Took 3rd in the tournament though!!!

Do we take blogging for granted

After being bored at work I was surfing the web and reading various articles about blogging. If you do various serches on blogging, include the words arrested, how, you, can, get, things like that it will take you to various sites illustrating that in some parts of the world blogging can be dangerous. Most articles didn't go into the details but did you know that in:

Iran3 bloggers and one web journalist
Syria1 journalist and a student blogger
Bahrain1 online forum moderator
China63 bloggers in total; including human-rights lawyers, journalists, IT managers,Falun Gong activists,teachers and students
Vietnam1 journalist and 2 students
Maldive Islands3 online journalists

have all been imprisioned for various reasons.

I was able to find the majority of these nubmers on

Pretty Interesting and God Bless America.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy Wingsday

After swearing, again, that we would not go out during the weekdays Daniel, John and I headed on down to the Harding Hooters for Wingsday. All you can eat Wings for eight bucks. We all LOVE wings, why else would we drive all the way to Harding? The Wings! Wow, I almost typed that with a straight face! So we're out looking at cleavage, eating wings and working on the 1st of what would be 3 pitchers. The Miller lite girls came over and gave us a survey, I won a stocking cap, John won some fingerless gloves and Daniel won a miller lite. (BLAGH!) He then cried and begged to get a stocking cap so he could be cool as me. Our waitress was cool, awesome eyes and apparently like fat guys becasue she kept rubbing my head and shoulders, brushing up against me, an excellent compliment to any wing and beer dinner. I highly recommend it. She just had a daughter not to long ago so I think she may be the pregnant waitress Linda saw about a month ago when she was 'forced' to attend that very same Hooters. (although she didn't take me) Aftre inviting the Hooters girls back to Cool Springs for a drink we all headed out. Carry, don't know just don't call her a girlfriend, came down to hang out with us. Joseph was out as was Mike, Kim and a usual cast and crew. We sang, threw coasters and had an excellent time, almost like Brent was back. Oh, that is until Justin yelled at us, the manager came and asked us to keep it down, Justin averaged about 20 minutes of empty beverage time before refilling. All things deemed unacceptable under Brent's rule at the E. We all came to the conclusion that we don't like Justin very much. Despite his best efforts we were determined to have a good time. We played Galaga and Off Road in the video arcade, Morgan got mad at Joseph because he couldn't get the game started. Made fun of Ben who wasn't even there but hey, it's a good time none the less.

Taking Thursday night off to sleep and get ready for happy Friday!!!!

Tuesday Night

Holy Crap we've been going out to much I can't even keep up lately. Started at the E with myself, Daniel, John and Kat. Playing a little trivia and making fun of these guys who thought they were going to start a bunch of crap with us. It's Daniel's fault as usual, he's the troublemaker of the group. Decided to head on over to Johnathan's for a couple more beers. Tuesday night used to be an awesome time at the E. The recent departure of our favorite bartender has really effected the night life there. I know that most of the locals are looking for a new place, it's just not the same without Brent to carry on, throw tantrums, break glasses and make fun of the non local bar guests.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Ultimate Fighter

I can't believe it. After all the controversy they brought Leben back to the show. The rules laid out in this little reality serious were supposed to be you lose, you out! Leben lost 2 weeks ago in a controversial decision that the chat roooms are still debating. In this weeks episode another fighter who had been fighting an injury learned that he had a broken bone and damage that would require surgery. They offered him an assistant coaching position on the show and gave him the right to invite back anyone he wanted who was previously eliminated. He chose his buddy Chris Leben. I know most people hate this decision, it seems to me that the true fight fans like it because he's one of the better ones out there. I think the new UFC audience, the more mainstream people don't like the decision becasue it is not fair. I like Leben, I think the decision was not fair to the other fighters but I do think it will work itself out in the end. If Leben fights the way he did the 1st time he will find himself eliminated again. At the end of the show Raferty chose Diego (who was my pick to win the whole thing) and lost, poorly. Diego was on him quick and pummeled him to submission. It reminded me of an older brother holding down his younger sibling with no mercy. Raferty choose poorly!

Sunday night KOTC

After a long and hard wekend of drinking and gambling John and i headed back to Nashville with yet another bottle of whiskey and rum. Luckily we avoided Arkansas this time! On the way back we decided we didn't want the weekend to be over yet so we called Daniel and told him to start drinking because we were. 4 hours later we decided to hit a couple bars and get some shots with the money left over from the trip, head back to the Casa and watch the King of the Cage on PPV. The main event was to feature Dan "the beast" Sevren vs. Butterbean. KOTC, for those non fighting readers, is set up like UFC, mixed martial arts with little rules. After a great night of fighting they announced that Dan, a former UFC champ who would have killed Butterbean in seconds, had dropped out of the fight. They did not announce why. buterbean ended up fighting another guy, he dominated the fight, kept pushing BB up against the cage and landing blows, BB didn't land much of anything. At the end of the night they called it a draw. One of the worst decisions I've ever seen. Clearly a marketing ploy by the KOTC organization. Even the name 'cage fighting' imply's that there will be fighting against the cage, the ref kept breaking them and bringing them to the center of the ring in an obvious attempt to give butterbean the chance to land the 1 big blow to score a knockout. This was one of the better KOTC's I'd seen and they had to goruin it with that terrible fight.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Freestyle Fighting Championship

Saturday night in Tunica brought John and I to an 8 man lightwieght tournament. Our seats were about 2 from the top. Fortunately a couple of John's friends who scored ringside seats spotted 2 open seats in the second row. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fight 1 - Rinat Myzabekov vs. Kenny Jerrell.
Jerrell instantly became one of my favorites, he just seemed to love to fight. he cam out with an ear to ear grin that would only disapear for a moment during intense action. At one point he was on the bottom and getting pummeled, took the time to reach out his hand to the crowd and try and get them pumped up with a big grin. He ended up getting a reversal, gaining the full mount and obtaining the victory.

Fight 2 - Roger Huerta (fights with Dave Menne) vs. Steve "the dragon" Kinison
Huerta controlled the whole fight, he had much more experience with a solid stand up and ground game. Huerta through some kicks, got a shot, worked through the guard gaining full mount, Kinison took a little punishment and then decided to roll over. Huerta won by rear naked choke.

Fight 3 - Brian Fulton vs Shannon Smith
This fight was going incredibly well with strikes, takedowns and near submissions. Fulton, wanting to strike, went to stand up while Smith grabbed and ankle and began to twist. Right before Smith was able to fully lock up the ankle Fulton jumped up and stomped Smith with a heel to the right eye. This is illegal in fights within the USA if I'm not mistaken. I think only the international organizations allow kicks to the head of a downed oponent, correct me if I'm wrong. At any rate it was definately not allowed in the FFC.

Fight 4 - Darrel "Bulldog" Smith vs. Melvin "Young Assassin" Guilliard
This was a pretty easy fight for Guilliard, he has incredibly heavy hands and just seemed stronger than the bulldog. Smith won with a pretty quick knock out.

Semi's Fight 1 - Kenny Jerrell vs. Roger Huerta
Jerrell held his own but Huerta was just to much for him. Huerta is an accomplishiped 21 year old that is training with Dave Menne, a former UFC champ. Jerrell, even after getting knocked out in the 1st round was grinning away and playing to the crowd. Being from Kentucky (Jerrell that is) I should be able to see him again in local fights.

Semi's Fight 2 - Melvin "Young Assassin" Guilliard vs. Someone who should have never came
Although Smith, the reciever of a vicious illegal heel kick to the face while on his back, won his 1st fight but was to injured to continue. Melvin was able to again score a quick knock out with his heavy hands. As a side note it was pretty interesting to meet Melvin's dad, he was sitting right in front of John's friends who had the ringside tickets.

Final Fight - Huerta vs. Guilliard
Both of these fighters seem composed and good enough to compete at a higher level, I'd like to see them get a KOTC match in the near future. Huerta definately won the 1st round with takedowns and strikes from the guard and 1/2 guard. The 2nd round was close, I scored for Huerta. The 3rd round went to Guilliard. Although I definately thought Huearta won the fight I never thought he could get a decision in Guilliard's backyard. Guilliard won a split decision and will fight the FFC lightwieght champ in the near future. Hopefully it will be in Tunica or Biloxi. I tried to meet Dave Menne after the fight but he was visibly upset that his fighter had lost. Most of the crowd were unhappy with the decision the judges gave. It was actually quite surprising to hear all the boo's. With a fight that close I would have thought that the locals would all pull for Melvin but it would seem that Roger Huerta won some fans with his tough chin and his overall ability. In the 3rd round, which I scored for Melvin, Huerta did have him moving backward and you could definately tell he respected Huerta's take down and kicking ability.

A long Weekend in Tunica!!!

At noon on Friday our long awaited trip to Tunica was finally here. Daniel was feeling like a weak sister so he decided not to go at the last minute. (the rest of us would have fought through our sickness!) Without Daniel we hit the road, John, me, a bottle of Whiskey and a bottle of Rum. The road trip down was a good time, listened to a lot of comedy on the XM stereo, took a wrong turn somewhere in Memphis and ended up in a not so good neighborhood, oh well, found our way back and kept on going. Then all of the sudded we crossed a big river. OOPS, another wrong turn, oh well, now I can say I've been to Arkansas, if only for one exit. I blame the now empty bottles of Whiskey and Rum for our detours. (it happens) We finally made it to Tunica and hit the Horseshoe for some blackjack. We were able to play for about 10 hours, on this evening I was down a couple hundred and John was doing pretty good, I made a late night rally and almost broke even for the first night. We made it to our room about 3am for a quick nap and back to the casino for some more blackjack. This time we hit the Grand hotel so after 10 hours of free drinks while gambling we could just stagger to the fights. I'll go into the fights in another post so my none fight friends don't have to read about it all. The end of the night on Saturday saw us up pretty good. HMMM??? What to do with all this extra money?? HMMM? probably should pay some bills or maybe donate to my favori.........hehehe, "do you think there's any strip clubs open?" says I. "Yep" says John. So we decided to blow all our hard earned money on some lovely ladies. All in all a fantastic 'guy trip' to Tunica. I'm sorry I can't elaborate more but what happens in Tunica, stays in Tunica. Besides, we are trying to not tell Daniel how much fun we actually had, might hurt his feelings!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My 2 Week notice

Well I finally heard from my new company and should be able to turn in my 2 week notice tomorrow, after I get my written offer of course. I've been working on it but I don't know that I have it just right. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Dear Mien Fuer,

Sieg Hiel! This letter is to inform you of my intention of resigning my position in two weeks. I really do not feel that my skills match your requirements. Sure, I CAAAN work 140 hours every week, and I do realize that I would still get 4 hours to sleep every day but I would like to see the sunlight at sometime in my life. I've appreciated all the support you've given me, you always know the right questions to keep me thinking. Like that time you asked me, "Bruceleeroy, Do you know what your problem is?" I really had to stop and think, you know, unfortunately I don't. I realize now that I may have gone on with my life not realizing that my problem was that I could not read your mind. What could my life possibly have become if I can't grasp the concept of "we have to". Remember when we had 2 jobs that would both take 8 hours and they both needed to mail today. "It can't be done" I said, but in your infanant wisdom you replied "we have to". And the way you chewed me out when you committed to the CEO that both jobs would indeed mail and they didn't, pure inspiration. When you cut my staff because we had to cut cost and I said "how can I possibly run 8 machines with 5 operators???" Your reply, "we have to". And now that we are behind on those jobs and I am on a conference call everyday with a CEO that asks why there's a backlog....Your silence is appreciated, certainly I can handle that on my own. Isn't it funny that we moved our business to Nashville 9 months ago with 4 managers and in 2 weeks the last one will leave, replacing a combined 54 years of mailing experience with about 3 months? Maybe not. What about when the 1st manager quit and her staff reported to you and 2 of those 4 have quit? Probably just an odd 2 weeks.

Thanks for all the swell time Fuckers!


The Last Dragon, Bruceleeroy