Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last Minute UFC Update

In a shocking turn of events Joe 'diesel' Riggs failed to make the weigh in by 2 pounds. The fight between Matt Hughes and Joe Riggs will still take place but it will not be for the title. This will also change the format for a championship match of 5 rounds to a normal 3 round fight.

It is unbelievable that this happened. This is either a huge mental mistake or it could very well indicate something physically wrong with Riggs. These fighters are very well trained in the art of losing all the water weight out of their body. It is not uncommon for someone to mis weight when they 1st hit the scales. If that happens they get 20 minutes. It is VERY uncommon for someone to fail losing a pound or 2 ifthey get the 20 minute grace. Former wrestlers can tell you that 2 pounds is about 2 cups of spit, sweat or anything else you can squeeze out of your body. Riggs actually weighed in at 171, went away to drop the 1 pound, and came back at 172. Very odd.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm trying to like the Preds but.........

I moved to Nashville in July of 04. Last season was a strike year so there was no hockey. I have been needing a hockey fix for quite some time. Having spent the last 13 years of my life in Colorado and Wyoming has only strenghtened my love of the Colorado Avalanche, they will always be my favorite team. But after moving to Nasvhille I thought it would not be a bad idea to route for them, they could be a close second to the Avs. I mean Hey, we all hate the Red Wings, and that is what's most important.

Now that the season has started and I've been to a couple of games I am a little dissapointed. I didn't expect it to be like Denver where the Avs have sold out every game since moving there in 1996. Didn't expect the same electricity in the air that comes from having won 2 championships. But I didn't expect what I did see either. I know that Nashville is new to hockey so I figured I would point out a couple of items that will make this a better hockey town and could quite possibly make the Preds play better.

1) After a goal you CANNOT play country music. I respect the fact that I now live in Nashville, country music capitol of the world but does it really need to be played during the hockey game. The answer is NO! 100 times NO!
a - Nashville, you are confusing the Finnish players. Look at poor Timonen's face after a goal is scored, he has no idea what's going on. It's cruel and unusual, like ringing loud bells in a lion's ear at the zoo. If you want to play the entertainment between the periods and that embraces the country music feel of Nashville that's fine, but not during the game. It's just as innapropriate as blasting a Marylin Manson CD in a church parking lot.

2) I was at the game Tuesday and they actually took time to announce results of the CMA's. No no no! This is hockey! More people actually cheered for whoever won single of the year than for some of the goals scored.

3) Fan Support - this may be rude and straight to the point but dammit, if you have season tickets go to the damn game. If you can't, find someone that will. Give them to a charity and right it off. Both games I've been to have been well below sold out. You have a good team in Nashville, cherish it or it may go away!

4) Fang Fingers - I've thought long and hard about how to word this politically correct but I think it just needs to be said. That is the gayest thing I've seen at a hockey arena. The music, the whole idea is gay! Knock it off. If that gets around it will be the laughing stock of the NHL. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, make it go away. Again, you are scaring the Finnish players. And the Czeck's aren't to comfy either.

5) Learn the game of hockey Nashville fans. Hockey is a rough sport and not for whimps. Just because someone tugs at a player with their stick it is not hooking. Just because they whack at each other with their sticks it is not slashing. There is a lot to learn if you are new to the sport, take someone who knows. Your gaming experience will be much better. Don't boo everytime someone gets taken down in front of the net, it's not always a penalty.

6) I have not heard 1 "red wings suck" chant. It is appropriate at anytime to chant this over and over. In Denver it is not uncommon to hear this chant at hockey games, board meetings, church functions, family gatherings, anytime you see the color red and even at a baseball game. True story - I was at a Rockies/Expos game a couple years ago. The Rockies were getting crushed to the crowd just started chanting "red wings suck" for about a 1/2 an inning. The Expos were as confused as a Finnish hockey player hearing country music after a goal!

All in all we have a great team, the fans just need a little education on the game. If you have not been to a live hockey game do try it out. I ate, drank, played and watched football my whole life. Hockey is the fastest and roughest sport around, it's great live.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

UFC 56 - Full Force

Prediction time! Another pre-fight prediction.

Saturday night brings us the 56th installment of the Ultimate fighting Championship. This should be a great night of fights, if you've never checked one out this may be a good one for you to try. If you don't have a place to watch you can come on down to the Bruceleeroy party. 8 fights in all, 6 will make the PPV and the other 2 will be aired at the end if there are a lot of KO's. This night should bring us some KO's and submission. There is a very good chance that none of these fights will go the distance. This is a good field of aggressive fighters who do not want to leave anything in the ring.

The Undercard - Aired if time permits

Thiago "the pitbull" Alves (13-3-0) vs Ansar Chalangov (7-0-0)

Alves is a Brazilian Thai Boxing Champion and a purple belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. He's is a good striker and loves to throw low kicks. Chalangov will counter that striker style by utilizing his extensive background from the ground. In a classic striker vs grappler match up I look for the grappler to come out on top. Chalangov has only went the distance 1time in his 7 victories, 3 KO's and 3 submission's. I look for him to take this figh to the ground and work until he ends it.

Nick "the goat" Thompson (22-8-0) vs Keith "the polish connection" Wisniewski

Thompson is an extremely busy fighter, this will be his 15th fight in 2005 (11-3 this year). He is unorthodox and unpredictable. Wisniewski likes to controlthe fight from the ground at a little bit slower pace. This is the one fight on the card that cold be a yawner! If Thompson is as aggresive as everyone hopes he will be Wisniewski might be content to fight very defensively and wait on a mistake. If that mistake doesn't come, which I don't feel it will, Thompson will win the decision.

Main Card

Sam "the alaskan assasian" Hoger (6-1-0) vs Jeff "the karate kid" Newton (4-1-0)

Hoger was the least likable character on the 1st series of The Ultimate Fighter. He is likable in the ring. Hoger's got a lot of attitude and we shall see if he can back it up. Newton has an extensive Martial Arts background he spent most of his time in competitive sport Karate. This is his 6th MMA fight and his first in jsut over 2 years. He has looked impressive against lesser opponents. As much as I'd like to see Sam loose I don't believe he will on Saturday. I think Newton's only chance is to land big and early. I believe Hoger will win this fight.

Kevin "the shaman" Jordan (7-3-0) vs Gabriel "napao" Gonzaga (4-1-0)

Jordan is fun to watch because he is not afraid to stand toe to toe and take a few to give a few, those make for the most exciting of fights. I was a little dissapointed in his conditioning the last time out. Gonzaga is a BJJ black belt that also has some good striking skills. We should all hope he chooses to stand up and punch this one out with Jordan, it will be a 1st round KO for 1 of the fighters if that happens. I'm looking for Jordan to improve on his conditioning and be prepared to go in this fight.

Jeremy "gumby" Horn (85-14-6) vs Trevor Prangley (11-2-0)

Horn has one of the more impressive records in MMA history, he stays very active and competes year round. He is a skilled striker and grappler. Prangley is a very skilled grappler with a strong wrestling background. I don't like Horn in big fights, he was incredibly lucky to beat Chuck Liddell in their 1st fight in 1999. Chuck owned him in the last fight and I think Prangley will own him tonight. This fight goes to the ground early and Prangley pounds him to a stoppage.

Georges "rush" St Pierre (10-1-0) vs Sean "muscle shark" Sherk (28-1-1)

Wow, great match up!!!!! Both of these fighters have 1 loss, both lost to Matt Hughes in a UFC. St Pierre can do it all, he likes to take his opponent and work the ground and pound while looking for a submission. In his last outing he demolished Frank Trigg, who had referred to him as a 'b' list fighter. Sherk is a very accomplished wrestler. For the 1st time in his career St Pierre may be the weaker fighter, the Muscle Shark is strong. The winner of this fight will surely be fighting for the title in about 6 months. I'm looking for St Pierre to improve his status in an incredibly close and technical match up. If you don't know what grappling is all about pay attention to this one!

The Main Events

Welterwieght Championship Match

Matt Hughes (39-4-0) vs Joe (diesel) Riggs (26-6-0)

Champion Matt Hughes will be fighting in his 14th UFC. He is an incredibly decorated collegiate wrestler who has molded himself in to an almost unbeatable MMA monster. Hughes has victories over a who's who of the welterweight class. His trademark slams are a thrill for everyone to see. Riggs is a strong 170 pounder. He used to fight at well over 250. When he steps into the ring at 170 he will look like a body builder. Riggs will come out and throw for the fences, unfortunately I think that is really the only chance he's got. If he lands a clean shot he has the chance to KO anyone, I just don't think he will do it against Hughes. Hughes is one of the best and I don't think anyone out thier can beat him right now. St Pierre gave him a good run for his money but i don't think Riggs will do the same.

Middleweight Championship

Rich "ace" Franklin (20-1-0) vs Nate "rock" Quarry (14-1-0)

Franklin is coming of wins against MMA legend Ken Shamrock and his title earning performance over Evan Tanner. Franklin is a well rounded fighter who prefers to keep it up and strike. Quarry will be more than happy to accomodate Franklin's style of striking. Coming from team Quest Quarry should be in tremendous shape in body and mind. He will need all of that to defeat Franklin. I like both of these fighters but this is my big upset pick of the night. I think Quarry will shock everyone with an upset victory over Franklin. Quarry has come out and say that he believes Franklin has a weak chin, I don't know that I agree with him but we will surely find out on Saturday.

Happy UFC'ing.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


In an incredibly foreseeable turn of events........Terrell Owens is an ASS!

This should be the longest story we should have to read about Terrell.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Ultimate Results

Last night brought the culmination of the Ultimate Fighter, Season 2. In the finale, only the 3rd live MMA event on cable television, we saw 4 good bouts. We also missed the undercard which looked to be pretty good as well.

The UnderCard

Keith Jardine TKO victory over Kerry Schall
Jardine ended Schall's road to recovery at 3:28 of round number 2 with multiple low kicks to the thigh. An effective and, in my opinion, underused weapon in MMA.

Melvin Guillard TKO victory over Marcus Davis
many felt that Guillard would only try to take Davis down. He has better striking than people give him credit for. The Doctor stepped in and stopped the fight due to cuts at 2:55 of the 2nd round.

Josh Burkman KO victory over Sammy Morgan
In a quick 21 seconds Burkman ended the fight with a vicious slam which left Morgan out for the count. So to speak.

Kenny Florian SUB victory over Kit Cope
Although Florian did seem to be the weaker man he was able to be effective on the ground and control the action, especially in the 2nd round. His BJJ is excellent and that led him to victory. I still feel like he would be very dominant at 155 instead of 170. He was able to gain the mount, strike effectively forcing Cope to roll over. he then tookCope's back and sunk in a rear naked choke at 37 seconds of round number 2.

Joe Stevenson DEC victory over Luke Cummo
This was a good technical fight. They were back and forth the entire match. And, while I felt Stevenson won every round that is not to say that this fight was one sided.

Stevenson was crowned The Ultimate Welter Weight and earned a 6 figure contract and all that goes with that.

Rashad Evans DEC victory over Brad Imes
This was an incredibly interesting fight. Brad Imes controlled the majority of the action but 2 times Rashad was able to land big blows and send Imes to the mat. Since the UFC scores rounds similar to boxing this enabled Evans to gain the victory. Had this been a PRIDE match where you don't score the rounds but the fight in it's entirety we may have seen a different decision. I personally thought Evans won the fight either way. He proved his heart in this fight and when it seemed he was about to be finished he was able to dig deep and pull through.

Rashad Evans was crowned The Ultimate Heavy-Weight

The Main Event

Diego Sanchez DEC victory over Nick Diaz
I will say it again, Diego takes you down, Diego pummels you! Although he was unable to end this fight with Diaz he did completely dominate the ground. For those who don't like or understand the grappling side of MMA Diego would be a good one to watch. Normally when you are in the guard position it is fairly nuetral. When Diego is in someone's guard he is constantly active, up, down, striking. Making it nearly impossible for a submission expert like Diaz to work anything. Diaz is a tough fighter and while I thought he was dominated he did do an excellent job not getting KO'd by the stronger fighter. There were some moments where Diaz controlled the fight, mostly in the stand up. Ultimately Diego was able to take Diaz down at will and remain active the entire fight.

All in all itwas a great night of fights. They were all very active and if you are new and go a chance to watch I'm sure you enjoyed. If you did not you can continue to check listings on SPIKE TV, they will replay it. Hopefully they will air the undercard soon as well.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ultimate Fight Night Live

Tongiht on SPIKE TV we will witness the 3rd installment of Ultimate Fight Night Live. The event will feature the 2 championship matches of the 2nd season of the Ultimate Fighter 2 as well as 5 other match ups. Only 4 of the 7 matches are scheduled to air but with a little luck, or more appropriately, with a couple of early KO's they will go back and show the pre-card fights.

Pre-Card Fights
Josh Burkman vs Sammy Morgan
I think Burkman will win this fight. Sammy looked good in his semi-final bout with Luke Cummo but I don't think he will repeat that. I look for this fight to end in the 1st round with these to coming right at each other.

Melvin Guillard vs Marcus Davis
This should be an excellent match as well, to guys who love to slug it out. Melvin was my early pick to win the welterweight division. He suffered a broken hand early in his first fight. Although he finished the fight he was virtually ineffective with the broken hand and lost by decision. Marcus also lost during this season of The Ultimate Fighter. At that time he had stated he would not fight again. Let's hope that isn't true, he's got heavy hands and he likes to go straight ahead. A quality that brings us the exciting knock outs we love so much.

Keith Jardine vs Kerry Schall
Jardine was picked by many to win the heavyweight division. In all honesty the heavyweights were extremely dissapointing all season. None of them seem to have the heart and desire it takes to drive someone into this type of sport. I look for Jardine to get back on track in this fight. He has been on some big stages before, KOTC and the likes. Who knows what Schall will bring to this fight. We didn't get much of a look at him during the show as he was eliminated due to a knee injury. He's a large man at 265 with a wrestling background and KO power. We'll see if he can bring something to the ring.

Main Card

Kenny Florian vs Kit Cope
Cope has a long list of credentials and is looking to add "UFC winner" to them in his 1st trip to the Octagon. Kenny Florian was the runner up to Diego Sanchez in The Ultimate Fighter season 1. I like Kenny as a fighter but I still believe he should be fighting at 155. He just seems small to me. he was overpowered easily in season 1 by Diego and Chris Leben. I think he will be overpowered again. I look for Cope to win this fight early.

The Ultimate Fighter Final - Welterweights
Luke Cummo vs Joe Stevenson
The is a classic UFC type match up. Luke Cummo is a natural striker and seemed to emerge as a fan favorite during the show. Luke, at 1st, appears to be someone you would find reading in a library. He is quiet and unassuming to see. Once he steps in the ring he is throwing for the fences. He knocked out Sammy Morgan for the shot at the final and the UFC contract. Joe Stevenson is a natural grappler. At 5'7'' he was the shortest of the competetors. He was able to take down his opponents and pummel him. Classic striker vs grappler match up. I have to lean toward Luke if they stay standing and Joe if it goes to the ground. I think Luke will win this fight.

The Ultimate Fighter Final - Heavyweights
Rashad Evans vs Brad Imes
Rashad has been impressive during the show, he was the 1 heavyweight who seems to have that drive that will enable him to get to the next level. he will need that drive against the MUCH bigger Brad Imes. Although the size advantage highly favors Imes I believe we will see an upset here. If Imes comes in with the effort of his last fight I don't believe it will be enough. Rashad needs to come in with a fast pace and try to take this into the later rounds.

The Main Event
Diego Sanchez vs Nick Diaz
These 2 just don't like each other which should make for a great fight. Sanchez is coming off a UFC victory and his season 1 Championship. As I have stated before....Diego steps in the ring, Diego takes you down, Diego pummels you till they stop the fight. He has done it every time. Nick Diaz is someone who most feel is in line for a title shot with Matt Hughes. He does not feel he should even be fighting someone like Diego, and he sure doesn't like the fact that Diego will be bringing in more money due to the popularity of the Ultimate Fighter and his Championship 6 figure contract with the UFC. They have similar styles and should have a similar approach to this fight. All in all I think Diego will win the fight.

Have a great night, the fights start at 9pm EST on SPIKE TV. Be sure and tune in.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

and now for something completely different

The Larch.

So I took a night off from watching the fights to head down to the NIN concert. I am very glad I did! What a great show that was.

I landed a couple tickets in a luxury suite from a work contact and took a friend of mine who is a huge fan. So we ate some steaks and had someone drop us off downtown. Being that this was a concert on a Monday night combined with it being Halloween we figured we'd just take a cab home. Don't drink and drive kids!

The opening band was absolutely terrible, couldn't understand a word the guy was screaming. Queen's of the Stone Age came out 2nd and did a show worthy of a headliner. I would have been content just to see them. They sound much better live than they do on their CD. Nine Inch Nails was incredible. Great sound, great feel. A few visual effects thrown in here and there. Plenty of freaks wondering around at the GEC. Guys in dresses, black clothes as far as the eye could see. Goth!

Where else can someone see Neil Diamond and NIN 2 weeks apart? Gotta love Nashvegas!!!!!!!!!!

We will now get you back to regularly scheduled blog.