Tuesday, November 01, 2005

and now for something completely different

The Larch.

So I took a night off from watching the fights to head down to the NIN concert. I am very glad I did! What a great show that was.

I landed a couple tickets in a luxury suite from a work contact and took a friend of mine who is a huge fan. So we ate some steaks and had someone drop us off downtown. Being that this was a concert on a Monday night combined with it being Halloween we figured we'd just take a cab home. Don't drink and drive kids!

The opening band was absolutely terrible, couldn't understand a word the guy was screaming. Queen's of the Stone Age came out 2nd and did a show worthy of a headliner. I would have been content just to see them. They sound much better live than they do on their CD. Nine Inch Nails was incredible. Great sound, great feel. A few visual effects thrown in here and there. Plenty of freaks wondering around at the GEC. Guys in dresses, black clothes as far as the eye could see. Goth!

Where else can someone see Neil Diamond and NIN 2 weeks apart? Gotta love Nashvegas!!!!!!!!!!

We will now get you back to regularly scheduled blog.


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