Sunday, September 11, 2005

HBO Boxing After Dark

Saturday Night was a night for 2 great fights. Eric Morales squared off against Zahir Raheem right after Manny Pacquiao fought Hector Velazquez.

Manny Pacquiao 40-3-2 w/ 31 ko's Vs. Hector Velazquez 42-11-2 w/ 31ko's
This fight was a terrific one. They came out and traded blows for the 6 rounds it lasted. The normal firecracker start from Pacquiao was extinguished by a fully charged Velazquez. Velazquez seemed to have Pacquiao in trouble several times during the 1st couple rounds. Pacquiao, a true warrior of boxing, came back and ultimately knocked Velazquez down at the end of the 6th round. He was able to get to his feet before the 10 count ended and as the round ended with the 10 count he was going to get a chance for a break. Lou Moret, referee for the evening, watched as Velazquez staggered back to his corner and he ultimately called the fight. Manny Pacquiao won by TKO.

With phase one of the ultimate plan excicuted successfully it was time for Morales to come into the ring and do what he does best to set up the big pay day for Morales vs. Pacquiao II. But, in an error of judgement but the management, nobody gave Zahir Raheem the script!

Eric Morales 48-3 w/ 34 ko's Vs. Zahir Raheem 26-1 w/ 16 ko's

Morales was to go out and do what he does best to set up this rematch. Throughout most of his carreer Morales has seemed to out class everyone. His 3 losses came in some of the best boxing to ever be seen. This opponent was to get outclassed like the rest. As I said before, apparently nobody told Raheem about the plan. Zahir Raheem was a young standout and had a good chance for gold in the Olympics on our home soil in Atlanta. he lost a tough match and never seemed to recover. Last night the recovery took place in full force. In unbelievable fashion Raheem was able to do to Morales what nobody has done. Raheem dominated Morales. final punch stat numbers showed him landing double the punches. There were times in the fight when Raheem would land 7-8 unanswered punches as Morales couldn't seem to get anything going. All three judges saw the fight in favor of Raheem by a couple of rounds in a fight that could have seen every round go against Morales. He got dominated in this fight, I couldn't believe my eyes.

If Raheem gets to go on now and face Pacquiao in what was to be Manny's chance for revenge against Morales it may be another impressive night. Raheem's control of Morales does not look to be in good favor for Pacquiao. Watch out Manny, that guys good!


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