Monday, August 29, 2005

Thue Ultimate Fighter

Argh! I was so excited when Team Franklin choose to challenge Melvin Guillard for the elimination this week. Melvin has been my pick from the start, last week! Josh Burkman, his opponent, is a solid fighter with well rounded skills but I thought Melvin would be able to handle him. In Melvin's own words, he choked. he got to the big dance and froze. He did well the 1 or 2 times he threw a punch in the fight but he never followed through with anything. He definately did not deserve to win and the decision was unanimous from the judges. All in all it was a fairly boring fight. Burkman was noticably tired but Melvin would NOT move forward to attack. There was a comment about him breaking his hand with a big punch he threw but there are other weapons in his arsonel.

Overall I was pretty dissapointed in his performance. Maybe he will get a chance to shine in the finale?


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