Saturday, August 20, 2005

Boiling Point reviews

So in my own mini vicotory tonigh I was undefeated in my predictions, I've had a rough time this past 2 UFC's. What a gret night of fights tonight, it is definately worth catching a replay if you missed the fight.

Undercard -

James "the sandman" Irvin over Terry "I may not ever wake up" Martin
The 1st round of this bout brought us a dominant performance by Terry Martin, he took down Irvin and controlled the action. He did have a couple of submission attempts but nothing to serious. At the begining of the second round Irvin threw the most devastating flying knee in UFC history, couple that with Martin's attempt at a shot and you have KO city. Martin was out cold, no eyes open and both arms paralized up in the air. I think he now resides somewhere in 1927. That knee will definately be on Ultimate Knockouts Volume 4. (it really should be on there 3 or 4 times)

Trevor Prangley over Travis Lutter
They only showed highlights of this fight in the broadcast but it seems as though Lutter controlled the entire fight. Joe Rogan said a couple of times throughout the broadcast that Lutter was pretty dominant.

Matt "the law" Lindland over Joe Doerkson
Very close 1st round, 2 of the 3 judges scored it for Lindland but I did give it to Doerkson. He came out and tookdown a silver medalist in Lindland, something that few have done with success. He did control the 1st round action and looked like his game plan was going to be pretty solid for the fight. In round number 2 and 3 Lindland did what he does best, take down and control the fight. He was unable to ground and pound the way he typically does and dominate Doerkson but I really didn't expect anything less. Doerkson has been in the cage and in the ring with a lot of top flight people, while I don't think he will win those matches very ofter he is definately tough enough to be there.

Live Broadcast Fights -

Georges "Rush" St Pierre over Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg
In the 1st bout of the evening I was excited to see one of my favorite fighters. St Pierre seems to be a classy guy and he definately brings a great show to the Octagon. St Pierre completely dominated this fight. It started with St Pierre landing a couple blows standing up, Trigg attempted a take down but it was stuffed and reversed with St Pierre ending up on top and in the mount. Trigg could do nothing but roll giving St Pierre his back and then roll back into the mount. Trigg did this for the next couple of minutes while St Pierre landed blows from the mount and atempted submission when given back control. Ultimately St Pierre was able to sinc in a rear naked choke and finish the match in the 1st round. This was a good victory for St Pierre and should put him in line for a rematch with Matt Hughes, which he did ask for after the fight.

Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez over Brian Gassaway
If you read my prediction you already know how this fight went. Quite simply Diego went with his usual game plan and stuck with it. he took Gassaway down, gained the mount position and beat the shit out of him! Gassaway did put up a decent fight, in the 1st round Diego was dominant but could not put Gassaway to rest. I can't believe he was able to stay in that long. The 2nd round saw Diego take 1 pretty big punch, which didn't seem to effect him, and then take Gassaway down again. After gaining the mount Gassaway was forced to tap due to the amount of damage he was taking.

Randy "The Natural" Couture over Mike Van Arsdale
This was Couture's 1st fight that didn't involve a championship belt since 1997, that should speak for itself! Regular readers know that he is my favorite but that should give you a little bit of a hint as to why. He is just a great competitor. In round 1 Couture did control most of the action, he was able to go to the ground and pound type offense and control Van Arsdale. There was a lot of very technical back and forth position battles which were pretty even. Van Arsdale's wrestling background is very comparable to Couture's. I thought Van Arsdale was winning the stand up battle but Couture won the round with control of the ground for a longer period of time. overall the 1st round was very close with a slight advantage for Couture. The 2nd round brought more of the same. I do think that Van Arsdale stunned Couture with a couple of big shots in the 2nd, not enough to make me think Couture was in serious danger but he did look a little wobbly. I stick by my prefight assesment of Couture. He is probably the best ground and pound guy in the UFC today if not ever, he has seen some success standing up with people his past couple fights (with the exception of the KO from Liddell of course) but I don't know why he does not stick to his bread and butter. Whe Couture gained position and went to the ground and pound he was in 100% control, looked a little shakey in the stand up game. Round 3 again brought more of the same but Couture was able to submit Van Arsdale with a gator roll choke that he had tried several times throughout the fight.
Can anyone say Couture v Liddell III??????

Tim "The Maniac" Sylvia over Tra "Trauma" Telligman
Sylvia cam out landing good stiff jabs and out boxing the boxer. As I stated before, Telligman is a good solid fighter with excellent boxing skills. Just like Joe Doerkson he is able to get into the cage or ring with anyone but I just don't feel like he is in the same class as Sylvia. With maybe 1 second remaining Sylvia landed a big high kick to Telligman's face sending him down and out. Sylvia has lined himself up for a rematch with Arlovsky if he is (which he will be)victories over Paul Buentello in October.

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell over Jeremy "Gumby" Horn
In the main event The Iceman was getting an oppoortunity to defend his championship against the 1st man to ever defeat him. The 1st round was pretty even and I was probably leaning towards Horn when Liddell landed a stiff right hand that sent Horn to the ground. Liddell jumped on him with a couple more punches and Horn was able to stay in the fight. I do not know how. Liddell easily controlled the last minute and a half after the knockdown although I will say again and again that when Hron tried the takedowns, even though they were not successful, it seemed to take Liddell out of his game a little. In the 2nd round Chuck landed another knockdown blow, keep in mind these would be knock out blows to normal humans. Horn seems to have superhuman recooperative powers. His locker must be next to Superman's over at the Justice League! By this point in the fight Liddell was clearly controlling the action. Both times Horn was knocked down and stunned he bought time be attempting takedowns that Liddell easily defended. The 3rd round brought no knockdowns and I actually gave it to Horn, he started throwing leg kicks that seemed to again take Liddell of his plan. By the middle of the 3rd round horn had created a lot of redness on Liddell's lead leg. I really cannot explain why Horn would then quit throwing the leg kicks. Although I gave the round to Horn Liddell was in his game plan of head hunting, he is a great striker. Round 4 brought the end of the run for Horn, Liddell landed a great right hand and sent Horn to the ground, while it didn't knock him out Horn did quit stating that he could not see out of his left eye. During the final announcement they showed Horn and his face and head were covered with welts and redness showing truely what kind of power Liddell has in both hands. The damage was clear and so was the winner. Liddell looked superb in his 1st title defens and if people continue to stand in front of him he will hold that belt for a long time. If, and believe me this is a big IF, Liddell has a weakness it seems to be when people try and take him down. Liddell is a great wrestler and few people have acutally got him to the mat. Noone has been able to keep him there. But when attempts are made it seems to give Liddell just 1 more thing to think about and I think that was the difference between his loss and win against Randy Couture. Even in tonights fight the small glimmer of hope that Horn saw was when he was either attempting takedowns or leg kicks, once Liddell realized that Horn was going to stand in front of him it was only a matter of time.

Since the UFC has a definate trend of fighters thanking their sponsers I would just like to take a moment to thank......

Adam, my bosses son, for bringing me back a nice Honduran cigar which I smoked during the main event.

Heineken beer for providing me with a pretty decent buzz during the event.

My daughter McKenna for playing with her friends all day ultimately coming home exhausted at 9pm and going straight to bed so I could watch the fights in peace!


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