Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UFC Boiling Point

That's right, it's time for another fight night. UFC boiling point predictions right here for the taking. Read em while there hot!

Starting out the night and probably not aired unless we see lots of KO's will be...

James Irvin 8-1 vs Terry Martin 12-0
Both of these fighters are relatively unknown (really, on an undercard. Wierd!) Irvin has been the UFC show before in a loosing effort. I believe he will be victorious on this evening. I don't really know anything about Martin so he could be better than he looks, 12-0 isn't to shabby.

Travis Lutter 7-1 vs Trevor Prangley 10-2

I'm looking for Prangley to come out on top in this one although it should be a great fight. Both guys are on the brink of being UFC superstars. Lutter's loss came to Matt Lindland who's fighting later on in the evening and is definately no pushover. He holds a victory over Marvin Eastman who's been in with the best of them. Prangley is also no slouch, 1 of his losses comes to Renato "Babaloo" Sobral and his victory highlights include PRIDE veteren Andrei Semenov. I feel like Prangley will prevail but this may be the closest fight to call of the evening.

Matt "the law" Lindland 14-3 vs Joe Doerkson 27-6
Go Matt, you know I route for all of Team Quest from good ole Oregon. This should be another victory for the team. It's just hard to route for a Canadian, let alone one named Doerkson! Joe is a good fighter but I don't think he's in the same class as the top flight UFC guys, Matt Lindland is one of the top flight UFC guys.

Tim "the maniac" Sylvia 20-2 vs Tra "trauma" Telligman 15-4
Sylvia should get back on the winning track in this one. Tra is another fighter who is good, I don't believe he's Tim Sylvia good. I don't know that anyone but Arlovsky can beat Sylvia (he already did). Not only is Sylvia 6ft8in tall but he may be the toughest man around.
In Tim's 1st loss, to then champ Frank Mir, his arm was broken (yes, he really broke the none load bearing bone in his forearm) and the ref called a stop to the action. Sylvia, who never tapped out on the submission, wanted to continue the fight and was incredibly upset. Even in the post fight interview with Joe Rogan he stated that he didn't tap and still wanted to continue but the Doctor wont let me because they say my arm is broken. That is insane toughness!
Tra Telligman is a great story in the UFC. When he was a child he was in a car accident and has lost most of his right pectoral muscle. His chest looks deflated when he fights. He has overcome this in his life and is an incredible athlete. While I don't think he is in a class with Sylvia, really not many are. Sylvia has beaten some of the best and lost to THE best in Arlovsky and Mir. Telligman also has a proffesional boxing record of 4 -2. I like the story and I will be routing for him but it will definately be an upset if he pulls it out.

Frank "twinkle toes" Trigg 12-3 vs Georges "rush" St Pierre 9-1
This will be a GREAT fight! 3 of those 4 losses posted between these fighters are to the champ, Matt Hughes (Trigg's other loss came to Hayato Sakurai a while back). Trigg is one of the 2 fighters I really just don't like, St Pierre however is a very likeable fighter and I'll be routing for him. I also believe he will win the fight, I think he'll be in better condition and I think he's better on the ground. Why would you give yourself the nickname twinkly toes?

Diego "nightmare" Sanchez 14-0 vs Brian Gassaway 18-9-3
Gassaway is in some trouble here! Sanchez seems to get better and better every fight. He's coming off an impressive run on SPIKE TV's The Ultimate Fighter where he won the car and the six figure contract. I saw him in a King of the Cage fight a while back and he even looked good then. Diego comes in, takes you down, passes your guard and beats the living shit out of you. Period! He's been doing the same thing over and over and over every time he gets in the ring and I don't think he'll be even slowed down until he gets in with some of the elite's like Trigg, St Pierre and Hughes. I'd also love to see a fight between him and Nate Quarry. Come on Dana, I know your reading!

Randy "the natural" Couture 13-7 vs Mike Van Arsdale 9-1-1
I look for Randy to get back on track and back to basics with his ground and pound. Before losing to Liddell he had defeated Liddell and Ortiz by standing and outstirking them. Since Liddell and Ortiz are 2 of the most dangerous strikers I think it gave Randy a little false sense of security. Don't get me wrong, Randy can strike, but I think he game plan should be striking to get to the ground and pound. That's his bread and butter! Van Arsdale is no pushover but I think if Randy does what I've perscribed above that he will have little trouble controlling the fight.

Chuck "the iceman" Liddell 16-3 vs Jeremy "gumby" Horn 85-13-5
1st off let me say that Horn's record is NOT a typo. If you follow MMA or my blog at all you'll notice that few fighters in this sport have over 20-30 fights, let alone 50-70. Jeremy Horn and Shonie Carter (not fighting this night) have over 100. They keep extremely busy! Horn is obviously not a rookie, in fact 1 of those losses in Chucks record belongs to Jeremy Horn a couple years ago. Liddell looks to even things up with Horn and I think he will. Horn has definately got a chance in this one but Chuck will have to make a mistake, which he doesn't really do that often. Chuck should control and ultimately knock out Horn. Horn's chance will come when he takes Chuck down, which I think he'll be able to do. It's just keeping him there! Chuck has this unbelievable ability to just stand up when world class wrestlers are holding him down. If/When Horn gets a takedown he'll need to make the most of it and hopefully frustrate Liddell into rushing things. That's what Couture did in there 1st fight and that's how he was able to win. I don't think that will happen tonight.

Happy Fighting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tra telligman may have been in a car accident but his chest is the result of a birth defect called 'polands syndrome'

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup definitely not result of car crash, poland syndrome for sure

8:33 AM  

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