Monday, July 25, 2005

Fights tonight on SPIKE TV

That's right, it's finally here. If you didn't read before SPIKE TV and UFC are bringing 2 new shows to SPIKE, the premier is tonight after wrestling.
Since the Gracie's brought created the UFC and brought it to Pay Per View in 1994 martial arts has gone through more change than even. Proving and disproving theories that have been around since ancient times. Now we can truly know what happens in a fight and what techniques truly work. Royce Gracie showed the world that a 185 man can defeat the biggest of men. In the UFC's begining there where no weight classes and Royce was constantly giving up 30-70 pounds in each fight, boxers don't do that, kick-boxers don't do that and wrestlers don't do that! That 1st UFC changed the martial arts world and sent people out to learn new things.
Tonight the next evolution truly begins. Mixed Martial Arts on TV is a new item thanks to the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter" featuring up-coming fighters trying to break into the UFC. The show was a monster success and grew in ratings every week.
Tonights premier of "Unleashed" will feature 1 of the greatest fights in my opinion (and many others). Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar, the fight was so good that Dana White, UFC President, didn't just award the winner with a contract. Both Griffin and Bonnar earned the respect of fans and fighters. In the most recent UFC Forrest Griffin recieved more applause than any of the other fighters upon entering the ring, if you watch the fight tonight you'll be a fan as well.


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