Sunday, June 12, 2005

American Fighters Undefeated at PRIDE vol 7

At the recent PRIDE - Bushido, Vol 7 there were 5 American fighters and they did outstanding. In a great night of fighting the Americans were not only undefeated, they were convincing in their victories.

Yoshido Maeda (JAP) vs Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennet (USA)

The longest part of this fight was the intro. Crazy Horse was his normal self, crazy! He came out with his usual antics, getting the crowd riled up and posing for the camera's. When the bell rang he was all business ending the fight early in the 1st round with a devestating knock out.

Jens Pulver (USA) vs Taisho (JAP)

Another quick one here. Jens came out all business following Bennet's lead. This fight didn't make it to the 2 minute mark. Pulver looked stronger and faster as they cirlced and just like the 1st fight we had our second big knock out of the evening.

Yves Edwards (USA) vs Dokonjyonosuke Mishima (JAP)

This appeared to be the works of a major slug fest on paper. Edwards is, in my opinion, one of the best knock out artist of the 155 pound weight class. He's the creator of "Thug-jitsu" which is his own brand of fighting. Although both are known for their stand up game this match ended up on the mat which should have favored Mishima, however when these 2 started to grapple and roll Edwards was able to come away with a very crafty arm-lock to end the match. This match like the others ended early in the 1st round.

Omigawa Michihiro (JAP) vs Aaron Riley (USA)

In the 4th USA vs JAP match of the evening it was more of the same. This fight did get out of the 1st couple of minutes and provide a little bit for the Japanese crowd to cheer about. It appeared as though Michihiro would be able to control this fight after the 1st couple of minutes but like the others Riley was able to end the fight in the 1st round.

Phil "The N.Y. Badass" Baroni (USA) vs Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa (JAP)

In the one fight I wish the USA would have lost I was dissapointed. Phil Baroni is about the only MMA fighter I can say I don't like. He is an obnoxious ass in my opinion. Having said that I will also give credit where credit is due. There aren't many, if any, fighters that can stand toe to toe with Baroni and trade punches. He is incredibly explosive and has knock out power in both hands. Minowa stood with him for a while in the 1st round before deciding it would be better to take the fight to the ground. After 10 minutes of 1st round action I don't know that anyone would have Baroni ahead. He clearly landed the bigger harder punches when they stood but most o fthe fight was on the ground where Minowa controlled the action. At the begining of the 2nd round Minowa landed a big blow and seemed to get some confidence in his ability to stand with Baroni. That would prove to be a bad move as they traded blow for blow for quite some time Baroni seemed to get stronger and stronger until he finally knocked Minowa out.

I'd like to see Baroni and Franklin (see UFC review) fight. If someone can stand with Baroni it will be Franklin.

There were several other fights on the evening, one of the major reasons I like PRIDE over the UFC. In the main event Takanori Gomi (JAP), who has knocked out virtually everyone in the 155 class including 3 of the 5 American's who I've listed above, fought Luiz Azeredo (BRA). Everyone figured this fight to be a classic Brazilian taking the fight to the ground but Azeredo caught everyone off guard by coming out and landing big blows on Gomi. Azeredo controlled most of the 1st round while remaining on his feet and trading blows with Gomi. In the end Gomi did land a huge combination which sent Azeredo somewhere in the middle of next year, we may not have caught up with him yet!

(This review is late, this actually happened before the UFC I wrote about!!!)


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