Saturday, May 21, 2005

Long time no hear.

Since I'm in here and updating I'd like to say Hi to my cousin's who I talked to tonight for the 1st time in quite a while. It's amazing how you don't keep in touch with those you love sometimes. David and Paul, along with David's twin brother Brian who wasn't there, were some of my closest friends growing up. We didn't see to much of each other when we were really young but throughout high school we became pretty close. Our family as a whole has been pretty blessed I think. All us cousins turned out fairly normal (don't use my as the measuring stick to the normalness of our family!!), those of us who have decided to start a family and have children have found pretty good wives (again, don't use me as the measuring stick here) and have healthy beautiful children. David has a wife and 3 children, Paul has a wife and 1 child. Paul is taking the same type of martial arts classes I started, we decided that some day we'll end up in a cage fight! Everyone knows, except Paul because he's got a thick head, that I would win easily. :) So there! Punk. The trash talking to Curtis vs. Brunson has officialy begun.


Blogger Mike said...

Nice to see ya posting again.. Hey, I have t say I am seriously considering moving to portland.. I met this girl in North Carolina that lives in Corvallis, you remember you talked to her. I have no idea what it is about her, but she has got me all kinds of twisted. I drove from San Francisco to Portland on Friday and hung out with her,her mom and her friends, and then drove back to San Francisco Saturday afternoon. All in all very much worth the trip though. Only problem is she is kind of spoken for, so I am not so sure what to do. Give me a shout sometime dude..

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