Friday, May 20, 2005


For weeks I, along with many I know, have had to endure the torchers of watching the Michael Jackson trial unfold with little anticipation. The story seems to lead every newscast every night. We also all were well informed about the poor run away bride, she took several minutes of my life I will never get back. Here's my news cast....

Hello, if you don't think Michael Jackson is a sick twisted freak that needs to be locked far away from children for the rest of his life.......YOU ARE AN IDIOT! End of story.

(Side note away from the newscast = If you want to remember him for his music, charity work and all that I'm fine with it. He was and is a talented artist, but I'm not letting my daughter stay over at his house no matter how much money he gives me.)

In other news a bride ran away, you can clearly see by the picture of her and her fiance that they are both crazy. Who cares!

Now I'm going to have to ask all the Jerrry Springer fans to turn in for the evening while those of us real adults who care about things like education, our friends, family and loved ones fighting the war on terror, the environment and our quality of life in this great country talk real business.

I don't have to ask the hard core conservatives to change the channel like the Springer fans, they're all to busy trying to pass laws on "sexy cheerleading" while African's in some country's are getting slaughtered by the thousands and more. I hope they stop that gay couple from getting married in Maine, that might destroy my marrige....Oh wait, I got divorced all on my own with no outside influence from gay people.

(I know I left myself wide open for several jokes there. If Daniel, my small minded conservative friend, has read this far.....feel free to take full advantage, doesn't happen very often.)

Today a judge ordered Exxon to pay $1.3 billion for a law suit started in 1991. It seems that Exxon wasn't making enough money, a very large problem in the oil industry these days I'm sure, so they were charging 1.3 cents extra tax to certain companies for a decade. A decade. It only took the courts 14 years to figure this one out.

OK, I think I'm done ranting for a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The divorce rate is higher in those "Bible Belt" states that keep trying to inject their religion into my life. Also, when Michael jackson was singing all those love songs years ago, it was hard to take advice from such a young boy about true love. Now it appears he knew what he was talking about - loving young boys!!!

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