Thursday, May 19, 2005

More Jiu Jiutsu

Still love my new class, having a great time geting my butt kicked on a regular basis. It is fun to learn new things, I highly recommend doing something you've always told yourself might be fun. This week I'm 2 and 1 in sparring matches. I got a Kimura on a guy, that was the 1st move I learned in this class, I choked another guy out and got choked out 1 time. In all fairness I will say that my early success has A LOT more to do with my size and strength than my technique. Most of the people in my class are smaller than I am, sometimes they get me into moves that I can "power" out of, if they were my size I would not be able to do that. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not like Kramer on Seinfeld throwing little kids around but I am bigger and stroner than most the other guys. There is one guy I like working with because he is bigger than me but he hasn't been there this week.

I am still not in shape although I feel better than last week and the week before, I've been swimming in the morning before work to help. If you've been playing the flyingpython home game the answer is "yes". That water is colder than shit at 5am! And if you want bones points the 1st words out of my mouth are "holy #$%^$^ Son of a @$%@$ mother of @#%@#$ that @#$%^@ water is cold." The next words out of my mouth every morning are "umm, ye-yess sir I do realize that it is 5am and I'm an idiot!" My neighbor thinks I'm crazy. I have also just learned that I own 50% of the 'Icey Hot" company. I earned that the hard way if you know what I mean.


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