Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday Night

After the fights we headed down to Printers Alley again. Pretty normal evening. Karaoke, drinking, shots, girls girls girls. We lost Ryan at some point, so Mike, Daniel and I headed on down the road. We stopped a big fight from happening as we left. A friend of J's was drunk to the point where he could not hardly stand and about 8 guys where going to jump him in the parking lot. Fortunately for J's friend the 8 guys where not that smart. I knew they where going to jump him in the parking lot because one of them told me on the way out. Safety in numbers, when J, Daniel, Mike and I walked him out they did not follow.

Good news for me!!! Mike is going to need to have his boat here in the Nashville area for the summer so he asked if he could park it at my house. Of course I will let him, I did tell him I'd use it from time to time which he is cool with. Boating anyone?????

We were able to catch back up with Ryan and get him back to his car about 12noon today! I don't want to share his secrets but if you want to see him squirm a little ask him what happened. :)))))


Anonymous D. Tang said...

Regarding "boating"... Go to Percy Priest Lake. Elm Hill Marina may be where you want to dock. It's cleaner than Old Hickory Lake, and there's some nice "sites" out there during the summer. You might also want to check out Nashville Shores which is on Percy Priest Lake. I think McKenna would like it. It's kinda pricey, but worth it to go once. Waterslides, jet ski rentals, etc.

2:00 AM  

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