Thursday, April 14, 2005

Countdown to UFC 52

We are within 48hours of the next UFC. I can feel the excitement. For us the party will begin in my pool at noon. Burgers throughout the day, possibly a beer or 50. I know few, if any, people read my predictions but I love this stuff so deal with it. HA!

Fight #1 Travis Wiuff (22-3-0) vs Renato Sobral (10-2-0)
I'm going with Sorbral in this fight.

#2 Ivan Salaverry (9-3-1) vs Joe Riggs (21-4-0)
This will be an interesting fight, these guys are both on the verge of being very good. An impressive victory by either could get them a step or two away from a championship bout with Evan Tanner. I got Riggs!

#3 Matt Lindland (9-2-0) vs Travis Lutter (7-1-0)
I don't know anything about Lutter so I'm sticking with Lindland.

#4 Mike Van Arsdale (not posted) vs John Marsh (12-4-0)
I'll go with Marsh, have never heard of these 2.

#5 Patrick Cote (5-1-0) vs Joe Doerksen (27-6-0)
I like Doerksen's fighting style and his toughness but I believe Cote will make short work of him.

#6 Georges St. Pierre (7-1-0) vs Jason Miller (22-4-0)
St. Pierre in the 1st round. He's been destroying people in the ring the past 18 months.

Welterweight Championship:
#7 Matt Hughes (38-4-0) vs Frank Trigg (13-2-0)
I'm taking Hughes in this one. He's known for just being bigger and stronger than anyone else in his weight class. He won the 1st time they fought and Trigg has not shown anything that will make me think it will go different.

Lightheavyweight Championship:
#8 Randy Couture (13-6-0) vs Chuck Liddell (14-3-0)
Anyone who's read anything on fighting on my sight knows I'm going witht the Oregon boy, Randy "The Natural" Couture. Another championship fight where the 2 have fought before. Just like the other one I have no reason to doubt that Couture will be able to take Chuck to the ground and get the KO.

Should be a good night of fighting. If ya know where I live you can stop by!


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