Sunday, April 10, 2005

Friday Night

Daniel's brother in law turned 30 today. Old bastard! At any rate we had to welcome in the big 3-0 by drinking our weight in beer and tequila. Through a big party up at the E (I know I keep bitchin about the place but for the last 4 weeks, starting with my going away party, someone has planned something that I really didn't feel I should miss.) So we were up there having a big party for Chris, cake, candles, napkins and glitter, surprized noone bought hats. It was a great time. Daniel got his ass handed to him in a beer drinking contest. I can't participate because of my professional status! Carolina, Daniel sister was there to watch her brother make a complete ass of himself, she reads about it all the time and she saw it 1st hand. I'm sure it's not the first time, probably wont be the last. About 11pm we all got kicked out by the manager for being to loud. They didn't give any warning, just wanted us out. It was pretty wierd. We took our show onto the WH where we all enjoyed a good meal in a fine atmosphere. Oh, wait, that was someone else's night. We all had to watch Daniel be a complete obnoxious ASS, I almost knocked him out! Carolina probably would have helped.


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