Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Greatest April Fools Joke!

So Daniel and I were out on a Friday drinking, WIERD! We decided we needed to play a practical joke, who on.....My Ex and her mom 1500 miles away.

I will preface this by saying that my ex, her mom and I all get along very well and talk pretty regular since I call my daughter at least 4 times a week. (that is to say we all got along until a recent April fools joke!)

Daniel hops on the phone and calls my ex, gets the voice mail. "Hi, my name is Daniel I stole Jason's phone and I'm calling all his friends from here (Nashville) and Wyoming (where I moved from last year) to let them know that I am throwing a surprize engagement party for him in about a month. Give me a call on my cell *leaves his number* and I'll email you the info. We really wanted to sell this thing so then he called my ex mother in law, she was home. "Hi, my name is Daniel, I stole ........." Ex mother in law "Wellllllll, here's the thing. I'm Jason's ex mother in law and I probably wont be coming." Daniel says " Oh my god! i'm so sorry I didn't know. I screwed up, I didn't mean to offend you maam, I'm so sorry" My Ex mother in law (a very nice lady) "It's not a big deal, it's OK, we all get along it's nothing to worry about blah blah blah." About 10 minutes goes by and my ex calls Daniel back. "Hi, this is Erin, I'm calling you back". Daniel "Yes, I calling for a surpize......the whole speech" Erin "You've got Jason's Ex wife so I don't think...yada yada yada" Daniel goes back into his "oh I've screwed up routine" Erin tells him she knows, she had spoke with her mom. They get off the phone.

About 30 minutes after that my phone rings. We give it to Brittany to answer!!! "hello" Erin says "who is this" Brittany answers "Brittany!" in her cheeriest voice. Erin asks for me, Brit hands the phone over and Erin starts giving my the riot act, "who's that" me "Brittany."
Erin - "who's brittany"
Me - "a good friend"
Erin - "hmm, why is she answering your phone"
Me - "well, we're getting pretty close so sometimes her friends or family call my phone"
Erin - "fine, what are you doing right now"
Me - "playing an April fools joke!"
Erin - "on who"
Me - "you and your mom" :))))))))))
Erin - *head turned away from the phone* "McKenna! Come talk to your Daddy."

Haven't talked to her yet, she wouldn't talk to me!


Blogger Mr. Roboto said...

That's awesome. Please know, for 30 minutes, two people hated you. Now, they probably are just really mad at you.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet they hated me to... Or still do?

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet they hated me too... Or still do?


12:42 PM  

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