Thursday, March 31, 2005


So Daniel and I headed out to our usual Wingsday all you can eat at Hooters. We were lucky enough to sit in the best looking girls section, which was great because she was a terrible waitress. Imagine that! As Daniel flirted with her throughout the course of the evening we learned that the average, and she was not average, Hooter girl gets asked out at least once a day. I thought that it would be more than that but that's what she said. She has been asked out by virtually every type of guy you can imagine, old, young, rich, poor, fat, skinny, bald and downright disgusting. She keeps a journal in the back so at the end of each night she can right down who/how or maybe even a couple of what's has asked her out. She wants to be a writer and that will be her first book.
After our fill of wings and a couple of pitchers of beer we headed off to the E where Lauren, 19 year old waitress, was trying to tie a cherry stem with her toungue. We watched in amazement! She got a double knot!!!!! Wow. We talked to Lauren for a while, sangs some songs, drank some beer. J was there to sing with us as usual. Justin was really cool for a change and we had one of the best nights at the E since all the management changes.


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