Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fight night with the Ladies.

Most who know me know that Monday is my night to be a computer geek and talk on line with other MMA fans before the show The Ultimate Fighter comes on. Last night things went a little different. There are a few ladies that get a little frisky in the threads from time to time trying to distract us good honest people from talking MMA. Frank, one of the moderators of the forum is always having to tell them to watch what they say and what not. So the ladies, Frank and I all signed up for the Yahoo messenger last night and started an IM conference. It started with Indy Girl and myself, soon Gix, Sugarbelle, Psychick, Aethne and Frank all joined. We had a great time getting outside the rules of the forum in an anything goes type setting. Truly cool chicks that can hold up there end of the conversation when it comes to MMA, as well as being dirty minded! If you can distract their attention from thinking of Chuck Liddell for 1/2 second that is. We talked well into the evening until my server went down on me, of course. Probably couldn't take the heat. If you're out there ladies it was a blast and I'll see you next week.


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