Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lightheavyweight semi-finals

Last night on the ultimate fighter we got to see the last 2 fights before the finals! In the first fight we got to see Forrest vs Sam Hogar. The shows drama came in when we didn't know if Forrests cut would be ready, would he get Dr clearance. He did!!! The 1st round was pretty slow, feeling each other out, Forrest seemed to give Sam a lot more respect than I thought he deserved. With a couple of good high and middle kicks I felt Sam won the 1st round. Forrest came out in the 2nd, got Sam in a clinch and landed a couple of big knees which dropped Sam. Forrest jumped on him landing strike after strike, the ref had no choice but to stop it as Sam was only trying to defend himself by covering his face. You have to keep working if you want the fight to continue!
Mike Swick vs. Stephan Bonnar. In the second half of the show we got to see 2 more lightheavies match up to see who would fight Forrest. Swick is an excellent fighter and controlled the 1st round in my opinion, there was a lot of action and both fighters did well. Swick seemed to be controlling the fight with his superior skill. In the last 10 seconds he made a fatal error. At the 10 second mark Bonnar was in a perfect position to land a triangle choke, since there were only 10 seconds Swicks corner yelled for him to rain down punches rather than protect himself. With 2 seconds left he tapped out.

The trianle can be a choke, it can also be used to apply presssure (up to and including a break) to the elbow. What a lot of people don't understand, which was unexcusable for Swick and his cornermen, is that most if not all submission holds take no more than 1.5 to 2 seconds to complete when applied properly. Unfortunately for Swick this error in judgement caused him to lose. Congrats to Bonnar and Forrest.


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