Sunday, April 03, 2005

Another Friday Night on Printers Alley

OK, finally sobered up enough to talk about Friday night. Started at 4pm at the E. I've pretty much sworn off that place but this was a going away party for another manager at my old job, he got himself fired 2 days after I left. They tried to not replace me and give him a lot of my duties, he told them to take a flying leap! At any rate we started drinking beer as usual. Early on is when Daniel and I played the April Fools jokes, posted futher down! Had a good time with the people from my old job, I miss them a lot, good people. We had 4 "tongue in my panties" shots and a Jager along with the many beers. Soon it was 8pm and down to just Daniel, Ryan and I. We actually talked Ryan into going out, he is normally on call working for a bounty hunting agency. He's the supervisor so when they have a large transport he's on call, normally Fri/Sat nights unfortunately. At any rate we piled in the car and headed to printers alley where we were all mezmorized by the girl pictured below with that fat guy. She was outstanding. Daniel was swing dancing with the 1st girl he met, flipping her and spinnning her around like a rag doll. Then this guy started singing, he was awful. He started with Wind beneath my wings by Bette Midler. Someone then requested another 'female' song and he said "I have balls, I can't sing that hi." I said "no you don't". No regular readers and friends know that I can become a little, how should I say......LOUD! Everyone in the bar heard me, it was like in the movies when everything stops. "Did I say that our loud" Said I. "yup" says Ryan..and everyone shared a good laugh. Beer Beer Beer Jager Beer Beer Vodka Jello Shot Beer Beer VJS VJS VJS and it's 2am and we're dancing at the Karaoke bar!!!! Headed home well after the bar closed and rested until right now!!!


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