Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wingsday Wingsday Wingsday

Wahoo, another Wednesday night at Hooters. To our surprize and amazement they have hired some new girls. Normally there are 1 or 2 really hot waitresses. Last night there were at least 7. We were able to enjoy the wonderful scenary that hooters has to offer along with all you can eat wings. Throw in a couple pitchers of beer and call er a night. We asked our watress as we always do...."how many times do you get hit on." Brittany, although very attractive, only gets hit on about once a week. Her strategy is to talk a lot about her boyfriend very early in the conversation to ward off the would be predators. We have so much fun there because we tell the girls up front we're gonna flirt but not ask them out. Some guy from the table next to us asked Brittany out right in front of us despite her best efforts to explain her boyfriend. The guy said "what boyfriend don't know wont hurt boyfriend". Pure Genius! A jackass at his finest, wearing his sunglasses through the whole meal even though it was raining and overcast outside. Unfortunately for him he was shot down. Brittany was not effected by his amazing come back lines. Good job Brittany! That was actually her 2nd of the week so she must be getting more popular.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea... She was good looking... HOOTERS sure has some gooooooodddddddd wings!


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