Sunday, April 17, 2005

UFC 52

Spent all day Saturday laying around the pool, BBQing and having some good laughs with all the guys that came over to watch the fights. We were all excited to see Mike who came back from North Carolina the weekend to watch the fights and hang out with us. Unfortunately I was 4-4 this time around, about the worst picks I've had. Randy Cotoure lost to Chuck Liddell in an upset win. Randy looked strong and was controlling the 2 minutes of the fight when Liddell landed a vicious right hand, Cotoure was off balance which also didn't help. Chuck landed 2 more big blows when Randy hit the mat to put him out cold. Although I wanted Randy to win Chuck does deserve to have his chance holding the belt. He's a great fighter with incredible striking skills, Cotoure has fought all the big names at heavyweight and lightheavy and this is his 1st time being knocked out. Matt hughes did successfully defend his title against Frank Trigg, beat him the same way he beat him before. Early in the fight Trigg landed some big blows, we all thought Hughes had lost, he was able to grab hold of Trigg for about 35 seconds to get his witts about him. He then controlled the fight. Hughes fights at 170 and has the strength of most 205'ers. He's a great champ. I don't like Trigg's attitude so I'm glad he did not win. Joe Doerkson was able to defeat Patrick Cote. I was surprized by this victory, Doerkson has a lot of fights unders his belt but I have not been especially impressed with him. He seems like a class act in and out of the ring. In one of the best fights George St Pierree won a unanimous decision over Jason "mayhem" Miller. Miller could easily play a psycho in any major motion picture. Came to the ring in a freaky mask, puts platinum caps on his teeth and has this sadistic smile at all times, even when he was getting hit. This was a very entertaining fight to the end. Pierre just had way to much. I look forward to seeing both of these fighters again.Mike Van Arsdale beat John Marsh. Joe Riggs made a fatal mistake and too a kick to the jaw in his loss to Ivan Salaverry. Matt 'the law' Lindland made quick work of Travis Lutter and Renato 'Babalu' Sobral destroyed Travis Wiuff (pronounced View, I don't know why. Maybe Brett Favre knows?)


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