Saturday, May 21, 2005

Friday night on the town

Well it seems as though we've been toned down for a while, I've been working and going to class so much haven't had time to really tie one of lately. Daniel's had a couple of weekends out of town this month so we decided to head out on the only Friday he'd be here. We started out at Prime Time Pizza, it's our new meeting place since the E sucks now under the new management. We chatted with Bill, another former E regular and headed off to Hooters. Normally Hooters is a Wednesday thing for all you can eat wings but our friends Heather and Brent were involved in a volleyball tournament there. We watched some volleyball, ate some wings, drank some beer. We had one of the worse waitresses ever at Hooters. Normally better service. Headed back to Cool Springs TGIF's for the remainder of the night. I met this girl Julie who's pretty cool, ran into some people I haven't seen in a while. All and all it was not a crazy night like we do sometimes do, but it was fun. (Accidentally left the camera at home so no pictures)


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