Monday, May 23, 2005

Why does the google do what it does?

So I'm looking at my sight meter today and someone ended up on my page becasue I was the 7th web-site listed when they search....... women clothing constrict. I kid you not. So, my sight has 'women' and 'clothing' in Monte Python's lumberjack song which I have posted. It pulled 'constrict' from an article I wrote on Royce Gracie. Me describing how he constricts around his oponents. But looking up "women, clothing and constrict" and ending up on my sight....well that's just how rumors get started. And who is this perv who searched for those three words???? Probably Daniel or Mike!


Blogger Mike said...

Ok now damnit.. Why's it gotta be like that for.....LOL!!Daniel and I can't help it if we are conoseuirs of fine women in fine clothes.Don't blame me, hell blame society, or at the very least blame my DAD!!

2:24 PM  

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