Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend Boxing

I watched the rematch of Felix 'Tito' Trinidad vs Winky Wright on Saturday night. I've always been a fan of Tito's, on the other hand I do like Winky as well. I thought this would be a much closer bout with Winky barely getting a victory. Tito was totally outclassed by Winky from the 1st round to the last. 2 of the 3 judges generously gave Tito 1 round each, I did not. Felix never landed more than 8 punches in 1 round, Winky on the other hand landed over 20 punches in 10 of the 12 rounds. Winky is a come straight at you type of boxer and Tito stood right in there the whole fight and tried to beat him to the punch. The next day Tito's father, who doubles as Tito's cornerman, retired from boxing. He admitted he was not up to being the cornerman anymore after that performance. in between several of the rounds you could hear Tito's father tell him to keep doing what he was doing, he was getting a boxing lesson was what he was doing. Never did I think that Tito would get beat that bad. My hats off to Winky for a masterful performance in the ring.

In live action we got to take another look at the controversial Andrew Golota. Golota is a solid fighter with good skills who seems to self destruct when given a real opportunity to shine. Lamon Brewster, holder of the least coveted heavyweight belt, knocked Golota down in about 13 seconds, then again in another 13 second, then again, you guessed it.....13 seconds. Add a couple of 9 counts and you've got yourself a 53 second fight! Golota looked stunned to say the least. Lamon, for the 1st time in my opinion, looked like a serious contender for a 'real' belt.


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