Saturday, June 04, 2005

UFC 53 - Heavy Hitters

Here we go....Another UFC tonight and I'm pumped up. Last nights PRIDE - Bushido was unbelievable. I'll talk more about that later. On to the predictions....

Paul Buentello vs Kevin Jordan - I'm going to go with Jordan. These guys both should be keyed up, a big win here could put them in with some of the well known heavyweights next time around. I saw Kevin Jordan at the FFC event I attended in February, he was looking pretty cut up and ready to go and that was 4 months ago.

Nate Quarry vs Shonie Carter - Nate has earned a lot of fans from his quick appearance on the UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter". An unfortunate injury kept him from competed throughout the show although they did keep him on as a guest judge. He is also a Team Quest representative so you know I'm routing for him. Shonie has been around a long time and fougth a lot of tough fights, I look for him to win the fight over Nate. Although I hope I'm wrong!

David Loiseau vs Charles McCarthey - David Loiseau should win this fight!

Koji Oishe vs Nick Diaz - I think Diaz will have a real break out performance tonight and put Koji down, hopefully quick.

Karo Parisyan vs Matt Serra - This is another fight where I hope I'm wrong. I belive Matt will take out Karo. I've always liked the way Karo fights and I hope he does well.

Forrest Griffin vs Bill Mahood - Forrest, "The Ultimate Fighter" winner looks to be in his 1st UFC fight tonight. I wish him well as he was a great fighter, and character, on the show. I believe he will win and continue his growth in the UFC.

Evan Tanner vs Rich Franklin - Middleweight Championship
Evan is a great champion and has taken on and defeated a who's who of the middleweight division. Rich Franklin has also worked his way through the middlewight division with much success. He's coming off a lightheavyweight victory over Ken Shamrock on the 1st nationally televised MMA fights on Spike TV. Although Franklin is on the rise and Tanner must lose sometime I don't think tonight is the night, I pick Tanner.

Andrei Arlovsky vs Justin Eilers - Heavyweight Championship
I look for Arlovsky to win this one big and early. Eilers is no pushover, don't get me wrong, I just haven't seen anything from any heavyweight which leads me to believe Arolovsky will lose anytime soon. That includes when the former (current) champion Frank Muir returns from injury. (side note -- Frank Muir is the champion, he was in a motor cycle accident and out of the game for the past year so Arlovsky is technically the interum champion).

All in all I'm just hoping for a great fight night!!!!!


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