Friday, May 27, 2005

You sir are an idiot.

On my daily drive to work this morning I was unfortunate enough to get behind a large white pick up truck. This truck had a confederate flag sticker in the window, a proud 'W', not 1 but 2 gun control bumper stickers, hehe yeah yeah Beavis, control your gun "use 2 hands" hehe yeah yeah (OK, that maaaay be a paraphrase but you get the jist!).

Let me set the tone, it's 7am and I'm traveling between Cool Springs and Armory. At this time of the morning there are a lot of cars coming from Franklin/Brentwood to Nashville but still open enough to be traveling 70 MPH. Beavis starts out behind me in what I would call damn near bumper to bumper traffic. A small opening, he darts into the lane, passes me on the right and darts back in front of me only to slam on his breaks taking us from 70 down to about 45. Then, darts out of the HOV lane, all the way over to the 'slow' lane (3 lanes over), passes 1 car gets stuck behind another and ends up cutting the guy off behind me only to end up where he started. Yup, behind me. He did this not once, oh no not twice but THREE times between Old Hickory and Harding.

You really got to work for that kind of stupidity.

If you're reading........"you sir, are an idiot".

It's funny to me when some people get road rage, especially in Kansas where there is nothing on the road so you stew and stew until finally........AAAAGHGGHGHHAAAHGHGHGH. Fuckin Corn!
An oldy but goody. But seriously folks, next time you get a little irritated on the road just find one of these guys and watch his futility. Darting in and out, in and out. All to get to the same exit you are going to, but thank god he made it 4 fewer cars lengths!

Watch them and laugh.


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