Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Saturday Night Fights

This past seekend I enjoyed playing with my daughter, having a 6 year old pool party with all of her friends and having them all fall asleep so I could watch boxing all to myself!! The card started out with Verno Phillips, 38-10-1 against Ike Quartey, 35-2-1. On my scorecard Phillips won the 1st to rounds by controlling the pace and action in the fight, Quartey came one in the late 2nd and took over in the 3rd. Quartey controlled the action from then on and looked to be heading into the late rounds with a somewhat easy victory. Phillips appeared outmatched and he was definately out boxed. In the 9th round Phillips landed a huge left hook that sent Quartey to the ground. Quartey was able to weather the storm of Phillips and win on my card 96-93. The judges scored the fight 95-94, 95-94 and 96-93 all for Quartey.
In the main event it was the rematch between the only to boxers to knock out Roy Jones Jr. Glenn Johnson and Antonio Tarver. Johnson won the decision in the first fight, although I had Tarver ahead like most sports writers!

I will stop to say that I watched the fight again after hearing the decision and watched as Johnson just came forward while Tarver backed up. The classic question....Is he backing up AND controlling the fight with counterpunches or is he running away. The match was alot like Haggler vs. Leonard, the only thing that Johnson didn't do that Haggler did was say "fight me like a man you bitch!" to Tarver. Although I didn't view Tarver's backing up as I did Leonard's in that fight many years ago, I can see how the judges gave it to Johnson.

These to fighters make a classic match up. Tarver, a boxer who moves well and has all the skills and speed, vs. Johnson, a fighter/puncher who comes forward and then comes forward some more. I think I scored this fight a little different after watching their first fight a couple of times. Tarver definately outboxed Johnson, he just seemed to take a couple rounds off from time to time and his backing up and counter punching dominance turned to just backing up. All in all i scored the fight 115-114 (with 1 round even) for Tarver. The judges saw the fight 116-112, 116-112 and 115-113, all of them giving my even round (the 1st) to Tarver.

It was a good fight with a lot of action and as much as I want to see someone knock Tarvers head off it didn't happen on this night. Maybe he'll step into a cage someday and my wish will come true.


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