Friday, July 22, 2005

PRIDE - Bushido Vol 8

Tonights the night for fights. PRIDE Fighting brings us the newest installment of Bushido on PPV tonight. 11 fights in all, and they wonder why I like PRIDE so much. International fights bring so much more to the overall show. I believe UFC has some of the best fighters but the show and cards that PRIDE puts together are amazing.

My Picks

Josh "the punk" Thompson over Daisuke Sugie

Kazuki Ookubo over Ryuichi Murata

Tatsuya Kawajiri over Luis Firmino (Brazil)

Marcus Aurelio over Jyutaro Nakao

Andreei Semenov (Russia) over Denis Kang (Korea)

Daniel Acacio (Brazil) over Kazuo Misaki

Henry Miller over James Thompson (England)

Masakazu Imanari over Joachim Hansen (Norway)

Ikuhisa "the punk" Minowa over Kimo (haven't been impressed with Kimo lately!!)

Ryo Chonan over Phil Baroni (hopefully someone will shut the NY badasses mouth for once)

Takanori Gomi over Jean Silva (Brazil)
Love Gomi, looking for another big early knock out in tonights headliner. Silva should try to get him down and keep him down but for being in a lighter weight class he is a monster.

If the country is not after the name it's either the USA or Japan, pretty easy to figure out.


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