Sunday, August 28, 2005

PRIDE Final Conflict 2005

So it's the morning of PRIDE and since I was lazy all day yesterday I have not put my picks out there yet. Tonights event is featuring 7 fights including 2 championships, the heavyweight title is on the line and there is a 4 man tournament to decide the 205lb division.

Here is how I think it will play out.

In the 1st round of the 4 man tournament we should see a couple of great fights with a lot of action.

Wanderlei Silva (BRA) vs. Ricardo Arona (BRA)
Silva has been at the top of thePRIDE food chain for quite some time. He did lose for the 1st time earlier this year and I think he will get back on track with this fight.

Maricio "Shogun" Rua (BRA) vs Alistair Overeem (HOL)
Another great match up. Overeem has won his last 3 fights all in the 1st round by guillitine choke. His height and takedown defense have given him the chance to land this submission often and with precision. I see Overeem winning this fight. This would probably be an upset in most people's eyes but I think Overeem will have a big night tonight.

The Championship Match - ? vs ?
This is a little odd because if one of my picks do not with this next fight may not even happend. The winner of those 2 fights will fight for the title. The way I have it laid out it will be Silve and Overeem. Bottom line is that I believe Overeem is going to win this whole thing despite the odds against him.

David "Tank" Abbot (USA) vs. Hidehiko Yoshida (JAP)
I don't like Tank Abbot. Yoshido should have zero problems with Tank unless, as many others have, he decides to stand right in front of him. If you don't stand in front of Tank he has nothing, it's that simple! The good ole US of A is not well represented in this installment of PRIDE. Yoshida is giving up a lot of weight and strength in this fight.

Igor Vovchanchyn (UKR) vs Kazuhiro Nakamura (JAP)
This has the makings of a great fight. These guys can both bang and they both have fantastic chins. I am really looking forward to this fight. Although this is a coin flip I'm taking Vovchanchyn for no particular reason.

Fabricio Werdum (BRA/SPA) vs Roman Zentsov (RUS)
I do not know anything about either of these fighters. I got nothin'.

Heavywieght Championship

Fedor Emelianko (RUS) vs Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic (CRO)
Wow Wow Wow. This fight has been in the making for quite some time and now, as they say, IT'S ON! After Cro Cop's last victory he called, in a very respectful manner, Fedor to the ring and challenged him. Emelianko accpeted and.....IT'S ON! I do believe Cro Cop will be victorious even though it will be another upset. At any rate this should be a GREAT fight.

All in all this may be the most anticipated PRIDE for me. A lot of great match ups, this could be a night to remember.


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