Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A $10 bottle of ketchup!

While in the wake of one of our nation's worst, if not THE worst, natural disasters in history the stories of the rich getting richer are already. We do get the feel good stories of neighbors helping neighbors and our military and cival servicemen rescueing and helping save lives but while all this is going on the rich are getting richer. It breaks down like this.
Rich people #1
In some way or another about 10% of the United State's oil comes through or from New Orleans. Gas prices leaped 15-20% with threats of much much more by this weekend. The repairs to the equipment should be complete in 3 days to a week and the majority of that 10% will be restored. Do you think the gas prices will be restore. If you do I don't know what to tell you but YOUR WRONG! The gas prices are out of control, I make pretty decent money and they are going to affect me before long. I'd hate to be a minimum wage earned and have to come up with an extra $20-40 just to get to work.
Rich People #2
The insurance companies are already chomping at the bit. I've always found it funny how you can pay for insurance month in and month out and then once something happens and you think your covered the rates go up to compensate the people who were supposed to be insuring you. What a scam!

About a month ago there was a USA made for TV movie called Oil Storm. in this movie a hurricane hits New Orleans, taking down the rigs and pipelines and gas prices go through the roof. Hitting $5-7 dollars very quickly.

I wouldn't be surprized to find out that the oil companies paid for this movie to prepare us. Do you think someone in Hollywood had the incredible forsite to see this coming, doubtful!

If, big IF, gas prices do go to just $5 a gallon it would take a pretty average car with a 12 gallon tank $60 instead of today's $33.60 (based on $2.80). If you fill up once a week that over $100 extra per month. Think about all the people you work with, how many do you think could comfortably afford that? This is not even taking into consideration filling up a truck or SUV. I may never drive my truck again!

I say all that to say that our current government will not be coming to the rescue anytime soon. If John Kerry had been elected president and Ketchup prices rose to $10 per bottle he'd have been shot.

It's a good thing Bush is in office, what would we have done if the gays and lesbians were getting married. We may have some kind of crisis on our hands!


Blogger John H said...

Well, thank God they handled the Janet Jackson nipple crisis.

The so called energy bill, just passed, is an obscene homage to the oil industry and particularly the industry in Texas.

Interesting coincidence, no?

11:59 PM  
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Blogger arod said...

Thank God I don't like Ketchup!!!

9:02 PM  

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