Sunday, September 04, 2005

The new guys in class

With McKenna's departure and a week to recover from not having her around I decided to get my but back into class. I hadn't been in almost 4 weeks. Since I've been out there are some new faces. If it's one thing about Nashville MMA it's the fact that they do an excellent job of not only recruiting but keeping people coming. They really do a good job of making everyone feel welcome. The class size seems to grow every time I go. Normally I'm by far the biggest one in the class. Back in April when I started I was 270 with some weight to lose! Now walking around at 230 with a little more to go. The majority of the people in the class are under 200 which has saved me in a lot of matches with more experience people. I could simply overpower the other people. There was one guy who's been coming for about 2 weeks now and he's about the same size as I am. The other guy that started on Wednesday is about 6ft 7 inches and told me he weighed 340. He's pretty damn big. Although he's new at BJJ he has been taking Judo and moves pretty well for a guy his size, once he gets on top of you it's hard to do anything with him! It's great to finally have people my size to spar with, everytime he's there I am going to try and match up with him. Hopefully he does not kill me!


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