Sunday, September 04, 2005

This guy thinks they deserved it?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina we here stories of people all over the world pitching in to help. We here stories of fat cat oil companies making large profits even though our government has got their eye out for price gouging. (Hey Mr Government, if your looking for price gouging I know it's hard to find but let me give you a hint.....THERE'S ONE ON EVERY CORNER!!!! It's kind of surprizing that the people of the fast food industry missed out on the whole mad cow thing, why didn't they raise the price of burgers 30-40%??? Not very smart, beef prices did go up? But back to my story.) I now have heard stories of how the people of New Orleans and LA deserved it. WHAT? You read right. Here in the middle of this terrible tragedy someone from the Christian Right has said the unthinkable. "this act of God destroyed a wicked city." At you can find a loving report on how the people of New Orleans have let the gays have festivals such as Southern Decadence. There are many other articles that show why God did this. It's good to know there are still people out there who can explain why God does things. Unfortunately Charlie Manson is locked up, he used to tell us what God was doing and why but we can't here him anymore. Bummer!

A question for this great Christian. If God destroyed New Orleans for a bunch of wickedness and sin where gays can go and be happy......Why does Vegas still stand? San Francisco? Any major city? Better yet how about the countries in Africa where dictators are killing hundreds of thousands? (As far as I know 'the gays' aren't killing people by the hundreds of thousands) Didn't God consider the fact that the people who live in New Orleans, the people he CHOOSE to wipe out, aren't the people who participated in these parades? Aren't those people usually tourist?

All in all there are many people in this world doing horrible things to other people yet this country seems to focus on 'the gays'. Imagine if we spent as much time focusing on education or drugs or gangs? What could we accomplish?


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