Friday, October 28, 2005

Where have you beeeeeeeen?

Alright alright. Thank you for all the emails asking where I've been. It's flattering. And by flattering I mean borderline creepy! I don't even know some of you people, don't you have lives?

So here's the story......

I've been out of training because I cracked my ribs a while back. Two ribs and a lot of pain! This has haulted all Bruceleeroy activity. Since I was out of my classes and even working out in my dojo away from dojo (the garage) I haven't been blogging. The ribs were cracked at the begining of class while practicing a takedown and a knee bar finish. On the 1st drill I got thrown a little different than expected and landed wrong, then of course my partner landed right on my ribs. it felt bad but with all the adrenaline flowing I just thought I knocked the wind out of myself. Finished the drills, finished the class and the sparring afterward. When I got home and had a chance to relax I realized that I could barely breath! It's my hobby and I love doing it but it can be dangerous to even learn this sport.

What have you all missed in my absence......
Several episodes of the Ultimate Fighter, 2PRIDES, 1 UFC and an FFC.
FFC- Me and some of the boys went down to Tunica for a weekend of gambling, fighting and anything else that cannot be repeated since it needs to stay there! The tournament was great, good fights with 1 pretty solid knockout and several submissions. I got to meet Jorge Gurgel from The Ultimate Fighter. Mr Roboto and some of the TNF crew missed out on the Bruceleeroy hookup, ringside seats baby!!!!!
UFC - As I've said before, Andrei Arlovsky looks as though he cannot be beat. The guys an animal. He fought in the main event with Paul Buentello, someone who is known for having a good chin..... 1 punch later he was drooling like a teething baby! Something like 16seconds into the 1st round Andrei proved his superiority.
PRIDE - We've had 2 PRIDE's since I've been gone. A middleweight tournament and a lightweight tournament that went very well. 1 night with 2 tournaments, great night. This past Monday i watched another PRIDE that was a little lacking, unfortunately this happens from time to time. The ref stopped 2 fights a little early in my opinion. MMA has no standing 8 count and no break for a knockdown so the fighter is supposed to be finished completely. It's difficult to fault a ref who's only mistake was thinking that the fighter was really hurt, it happens.

Other than that it has been work and rest. Being out of class is driving me crazy!!!!!!! So I haven't felt like blogging. Tonight I will work out for the 1st time, if all goes well I should be back in class on Tuesday!


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