Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm trying to like the Preds but.........

I moved to Nashville in July of 04. Last season was a strike year so there was no hockey. I have been needing a hockey fix for quite some time. Having spent the last 13 years of my life in Colorado and Wyoming has only strenghtened my love of the Colorado Avalanche, they will always be my favorite team. But after moving to Nasvhille I thought it would not be a bad idea to route for them, they could be a close second to the Avs. I mean Hey, we all hate the Red Wings, and that is what's most important.

Now that the season has started and I've been to a couple of games I am a little dissapointed. I didn't expect it to be like Denver where the Avs have sold out every game since moving there in 1996. Didn't expect the same electricity in the air that comes from having won 2 championships. But I didn't expect what I did see either. I know that Nashville is new to hockey so I figured I would point out a couple of items that will make this a better hockey town and could quite possibly make the Preds play better.

1) After a goal you CANNOT play country music. I respect the fact that I now live in Nashville, country music capitol of the world but does it really need to be played during the hockey game. The answer is NO! 100 times NO!
a - Nashville, you are confusing the Finnish players. Look at poor Timonen's face after a goal is scored, he has no idea what's going on. It's cruel and unusual, like ringing loud bells in a lion's ear at the zoo. If you want to play the entertainment between the periods and that embraces the country music feel of Nashville that's fine, but not during the game. It's just as innapropriate as blasting a Marylin Manson CD in a church parking lot.

2) I was at the game Tuesday and they actually took time to announce results of the CMA's. No no no! This is hockey! More people actually cheered for whoever won single of the year than for some of the goals scored.

3) Fan Support - this may be rude and straight to the point but dammit, if you have season tickets go to the damn game. If you can't, find someone that will. Give them to a charity and right it off. Both games I've been to have been well below sold out. You have a good team in Nashville, cherish it or it may go away!

4) Fang Fingers - I've thought long and hard about how to word this politically correct but I think it just needs to be said. That is the gayest thing I've seen at a hockey arena. The music, the whole idea is gay! Knock it off. If that gets around it will be the laughing stock of the NHL. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, make it go away. Again, you are scaring the Finnish players. And the Czeck's aren't to comfy either.

5) Learn the game of hockey Nashville fans. Hockey is a rough sport and not for whimps. Just because someone tugs at a player with their stick it is not hooking. Just because they whack at each other with their sticks it is not slashing. There is a lot to learn if you are new to the sport, take someone who knows. Your gaming experience will be much better. Don't boo everytime someone gets taken down in front of the net, it's not always a penalty.

6) I have not heard 1 "red wings suck" chant. It is appropriate at anytime to chant this over and over. In Denver it is not uncommon to hear this chant at hockey games, board meetings, church functions, family gatherings, anytime you see the color red and even at a baseball game. True story - I was at a Rockies/Expos game a couple years ago. The Rockies were getting crushed to the crowd just started chanting "red wings suck" for about a 1/2 an inning. The Expos were as confused as a Finnish hockey player hearing country music after a goal!

All in all we have a great team, the fans just need a little education on the game. If you have not been to a live hockey game do try it out. I ate, drank, played and watched football my whole life. Hockey is the fastest and roughest sport around, it's great live.


Blogger Nashville Attorney said...

Hillarious! Great post

8:42 PM  
Blogger jag said...

I understand how a transplant would cringe at the Tim McGraw song with the painfully rewritten lyrics. I despised all country when I first moved here. 15 years later it's become one of those things that I can make fun of, but if an outsider does it's an invitation to get their ass kicked.

Regardless, it's part of Nashville and, however unfortunate the timing or lyrics, you just have to accept it. Doesn't mean you have to like it.

Make sure you go to a Red Wings game when they come. The rivalry is fantastic, as we have so many Michiganers here, and the audience is pretty equally divided. We had 3 Detroit fans behind us talking smack an entire game, even AFTER the Preds beat the Wings. There were plenty of 'Red Wings suck!' chants that night.

11:46 AM  

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