Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Ultimate Results

Last night brought the culmination of the Ultimate Fighter, Season 2. In the finale, only the 3rd live MMA event on cable television, we saw 4 good bouts. We also missed the undercard which looked to be pretty good as well.

The UnderCard

Keith Jardine TKO victory over Kerry Schall
Jardine ended Schall's road to recovery at 3:28 of round number 2 with multiple low kicks to the thigh. An effective and, in my opinion, underused weapon in MMA.

Melvin Guillard TKO victory over Marcus Davis
many felt that Guillard would only try to take Davis down. He has better striking than people give him credit for. The Doctor stepped in and stopped the fight due to cuts at 2:55 of the 2nd round.

Josh Burkman KO victory over Sammy Morgan
In a quick 21 seconds Burkman ended the fight with a vicious slam which left Morgan out for the count. So to speak.

Kenny Florian SUB victory over Kit Cope
Although Florian did seem to be the weaker man he was able to be effective on the ground and control the action, especially in the 2nd round. His BJJ is excellent and that led him to victory. I still feel like he would be very dominant at 155 instead of 170. He was able to gain the mount, strike effectively forcing Cope to roll over. he then tookCope's back and sunk in a rear naked choke at 37 seconds of round number 2.

Joe Stevenson DEC victory over Luke Cummo
This was a good technical fight. They were back and forth the entire match. And, while I felt Stevenson won every round that is not to say that this fight was one sided.

Stevenson was crowned The Ultimate Welter Weight and earned a 6 figure contract and all that goes with that.

Rashad Evans DEC victory over Brad Imes
This was an incredibly interesting fight. Brad Imes controlled the majority of the action but 2 times Rashad was able to land big blows and send Imes to the mat. Since the UFC scores rounds similar to boxing this enabled Evans to gain the victory. Had this been a PRIDE match where you don't score the rounds but the fight in it's entirety we may have seen a different decision. I personally thought Evans won the fight either way. He proved his heart in this fight and when it seemed he was about to be finished he was able to dig deep and pull through.

Rashad Evans was crowned The Ultimate Heavy-Weight

The Main Event

Diego Sanchez DEC victory over Nick Diaz
I will say it again, Diego takes you down, Diego pummels you! Although he was unable to end this fight with Diaz he did completely dominate the ground. For those who don't like or understand the grappling side of MMA Diego would be a good one to watch. Normally when you are in the guard position it is fairly nuetral. When Diego is in someone's guard he is constantly active, up, down, striking. Making it nearly impossible for a submission expert like Diaz to work anything. Diaz is a tough fighter and while I thought he was dominated he did do an excellent job not getting KO'd by the stronger fighter. There were some moments where Diaz controlled the fight, mostly in the stand up. Ultimately Diego was able to take Diaz down at will and remain active the entire fight.

All in all itwas a great night of fights. They were all very active and if you are new and go a chance to watch I'm sure you enjoyed. If you did not you can continue to check listings on SPIKE TV, they will replay it. Hopefully they will air the undercard soon as well.


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