Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ultimate Fight Night Live

Tongiht on SPIKE TV we will witness the 3rd installment of Ultimate Fight Night Live. The event will feature the 2 championship matches of the 2nd season of the Ultimate Fighter 2 as well as 5 other match ups. Only 4 of the 7 matches are scheduled to air but with a little luck, or more appropriately, with a couple of early KO's they will go back and show the pre-card fights.

Pre-Card Fights
Josh Burkman vs Sammy Morgan
I think Burkman will win this fight. Sammy looked good in his semi-final bout with Luke Cummo but I don't think he will repeat that. I look for this fight to end in the 1st round with these to coming right at each other.

Melvin Guillard vs Marcus Davis
This should be an excellent match as well, to guys who love to slug it out. Melvin was my early pick to win the welterweight division. He suffered a broken hand early in his first fight. Although he finished the fight he was virtually ineffective with the broken hand and lost by decision. Marcus also lost during this season of The Ultimate Fighter. At that time he had stated he would not fight again. Let's hope that isn't true, he's got heavy hands and he likes to go straight ahead. A quality that brings us the exciting knock outs we love so much.

Keith Jardine vs Kerry Schall
Jardine was picked by many to win the heavyweight division. In all honesty the heavyweights were extremely dissapointing all season. None of them seem to have the heart and desire it takes to drive someone into this type of sport. I look for Jardine to get back on track in this fight. He has been on some big stages before, KOTC and the likes. Who knows what Schall will bring to this fight. We didn't get much of a look at him during the show as he was eliminated due to a knee injury. He's a large man at 265 with a wrestling background and KO power. We'll see if he can bring something to the ring.

Main Card

Kenny Florian vs Kit Cope
Cope has a long list of credentials and is looking to add "UFC winner" to them in his 1st trip to the Octagon. Kenny Florian was the runner up to Diego Sanchez in The Ultimate Fighter season 1. I like Kenny as a fighter but I still believe he should be fighting at 155. He just seems small to me. he was overpowered easily in season 1 by Diego and Chris Leben. I think he will be overpowered again. I look for Cope to win this fight early.

The Ultimate Fighter Final - Welterweights
Luke Cummo vs Joe Stevenson
The is a classic UFC type match up. Luke Cummo is a natural striker and seemed to emerge as a fan favorite during the show. Luke, at 1st, appears to be someone you would find reading in a library. He is quiet and unassuming to see. Once he steps in the ring he is throwing for the fences. He knocked out Sammy Morgan for the shot at the final and the UFC contract. Joe Stevenson is a natural grappler. At 5'7'' he was the shortest of the competetors. He was able to take down his opponents and pummel him. Classic striker vs grappler match up. I have to lean toward Luke if they stay standing and Joe if it goes to the ground. I think Luke will win this fight.

The Ultimate Fighter Final - Heavyweights
Rashad Evans vs Brad Imes
Rashad has been impressive during the show, he was the 1 heavyweight who seems to have that drive that will enable him to get to the next level. he will need that drive against the MUCH bigger Brad Imes. Although the size advantage highly favors Imes I believe we will see an upset here. If Imes comes in with the effort of his last fight I don't believe it will be enough. Rashad needs to come in with a fast pace and try to take this into the later rounds.

The Main Event
Diego Sanchez vs Nick Diaz
These 2 just don't like each other which should make for a great fight. Sanchez is coming off a UFC victory and his season 1 Championship. As I have stated before....Diego steps in the ring, Diego takes you down, Diego pummels you till they stop the fight. He has done it every time. Nick Diaz is someone who most feel is in line for a title shot with Matt Hughes. He does not feel he should even be fighting someone like Diego, and he sure doesn't like the fact that Diego will be bringing in more money due to the popularity of the Ultimate Fighter and his Championship 6 figure contract with the UFC. They have similar styles and should have a similar approach to this fight. All in all I think Diego will win the fight.

Have a great night, the fights start at 9pm EST on SPIKE TV. Be sure and tune in.


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