Monday, January 31, 2005

Another Crazy Weekend

So another crazy weekend goes into the books. Daniel and I were having an awesome time Friday night, dancing, singing. We were out with some new friends and some old friends. The evening ended with the shot heard round the world. Daniel and I were at the bar, me in on a stool and him sitting next to me, out of no where some guy punches Daniel. Daniel falls being a little stunned and then tackles the guy to try and defend himself. I turn in my chair and bam, I get punched in the face! Now let me just say that the guy who hit me was no where near the size of the guy who hit Daniel. This guy did no damage, I jump out of my stool and yell "is that all you got" and then someone grabbed me from behind, one of the bar tenders I think. The guy runs in to the pool room and grabs a cue to come at me again, but by this time the staff and some friends had pretty much broken everything up. The finally pulled Daniel off the other guy before he could kill him! The cops showed up and arrested the guy who it Daniel, he apparently is a local hoodlum who was on probation. He and his little buddy who hit me are obviously cowards who don't know how to deal with people. We came to find out later that this was all because I beat this guy in pool or something??????? Wow. Glad I'm not in high school anymore, don't you wish everyone was. So Daniel got a little bit of a black eye all for me and I have felt terrible about it ever since. We've at least got to the point where we can share a few laughs about it. I can't believe that guy hit him instead of me, pussy! Maybe I should explain to those of you who can't see me is that I weigh in at 250, stocky and no neck while Daniel weighs in around 190, he is stocky as well and I am certain would have had no trouble with the coward had he came at him face to face. Neither Daniel or I saw the punch even coming. It's just the point of the matter, if he was mad at me he should have been man enough to take it out on me and not my friends. We did go back to Beethoven's the night after where the manager informed Daniel that if one more incident like that happened they would kick him out. Meanwhile the guy who punched me was back in the pool room. I asked if they wouldn't mind me going back there and hitting him once, they said no. (I will say I am not a coward and if I choose to do something like that at this late stage in my life I would do it face to face and not blind side him like he did me.)
Not that I would have done that anyway, I think the cops choose not to arrest him because he hits like a 6 year old girl. I should know, I have a 6 year old girl and I teach her to defend herself. I think the next time she is out here I will let her fight this guy, I'm confident she has more power than him, he might be a little faster and I'm sure he'd try and sucker punch her too. But she'd win! The unfortunate part to the whole evening is that we were on our way to one of our best nights ever, I remember dancing on the fire place with Shelley and Susan??? We had been singing at the E for hours and almost got kicked out again (always a good time).

Friday, January 28, 2005

My Refridgerator

My friends in the refridgerator have a life of their own, when the door is closed and the lights are out the eggs and mayo dance with the left over BBQ bones. The individually wrapped slices of cheese slow dance to Dylan, the old milk no longer just turns to penicillin. Tomorrow I must throw that piece of fish away, it reminds me of a real bad experience!

Question of the day

Daniel's comment in my earlier email about whether Cinammon, a random girl wee met, is a midget poses a serious question. I'd like to take a poll so please answer. What constitutes someone as a midget?. Is it A) their hieght? or B) that giant head? I've always believed it's the head that makes you a midget. Cinammon definately didn't have the giant head so I'm going to say no, she's not a midget.

peace out!

Oops...we waffled again

Well just 2 quick days after Daniel and I made a pact not to drink during the week again.....Oops we waffled again! It was supposed to be a quite nice evening of dinner and trivia until my date cancelled on me, I told her I wouldn't talk bad about her on my blogger page though so I won't mention any names IT WAS LINDA! :). So I went to the E, ended up getting in contact with Daniel and picking him up since he is carless. Started the night out with Daniel, Brian, Linda, Lara, Laura and Laurie (probably mispelled some of the Larua(s) (ies)(ys) (os)???? Plyaing trivia at the E. After some heavy drinking, couple shots, lots of laughs the evening just kept getting better. Laurie and Laura are some of our hang out buds, love them to death! Laura is one of the only people I have ever met that can recite more Monte Python than me, this has prompted many proposals from me but she's got this boyfriend or something so that's just not going to work out. When Robert and Candace showed up we all started getting pretty loud and singing the wonderful 80's music we've come to love from the E. Not surprising but Daniel almost got kicked out again for being loud, at least this time he wasn't being blamed for something I did. There was several things we talked about putting on the blogger today but I cannot remember them all after that was the WH. Daniel, Laurie, Laura help me out here! (WH happened way later in the night) So this is about 9pm if your keeping tabs. As the croud began to break up and people began to leave we decided to head over to Beethoven's for 1 drink (yeah right). Ran into Kim, Shelley, Russel and several others. Remeber Cinnaman and whatshername Daniel? Natalie, in what later proved to be the smartest move of the evening, had just left. Despite my efforts to get her to turn around and come back she went home to take care of Mookie. (Mookie is the 'love frog' we share if you read the page often you may remember him from last weekend) So yada yada yada it's now 3am and we're at the WH!!!! Oh yeah, been a while since Daniel and I both made it to the WH, Kim got to witness all that is the legend of 'those guys' at the Waffle House. The juke box would be played, the chants would be sang, salsa dancing, a new song dedicated to Kim's pinky toe was created. Daniel ordered his 'raped' eggs (don't ask unless you really want to know). We recieved 1 or 2 standing ovations for our comedy and song stylings! Some of you have emailed about more details regarding the WH, it's really not an experience that can be explained. You have to live the WH. the waitress gave Daniel the words to the 12 days of Christmas at the Waffle House. I was suppossed to bring the words and put the in but I forgot. Wierd.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wednesday's with Frank

OK, I know it's not Wednesday but I got busy yesterday. So Frank walks by me today and somehow we got to talking about how I grew up in Oregon. "I got ripped off in Oregon once." says Frank. He proceeds to tell me that he was on the end of a year long road trip, Frank pays guitar, and was living out of his car. He had a 2 day gig in Portland where his brother lived. His brother offered to have his wife do Frank's laundry while they went on the town since they hadn't seen each other in a while. Frank distictly remembers that he had 200 one of a kind t-shirts. They were in 2 black hefty bags in the back of his brothers truck. At some point they were coming out of a bar and caught 2 people breaking into the truck. The perptrators ran off with the 2 hefty bags of t-shirts leaving Frank with just the shirt on his back. Since he figured the people were not after his t-shirts and would discard them once they realized what they were he decided to appeal to the "eskimo mafia" of Portland. The head of the eskimo mafia was a woman in a pimp suit with a cane that featured a large crystal ball. Frank explained that he would give a reward to anyone who could retrieve his 1 of a kind t-shirts for him.

I told Frank he should write a book, I don't know what to believe when he talks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


This is an interesting quiz. Takes only a couple of minutes and is very accurate. I was pretty amazed.

My Mommy

My mommy is part owner in an art gallery back in Oregon where I grew up. My mommy paints pictures of lots of different things. I have one of my mommie's paintings hanging in my living room, it's called me gramps and the dog. It is of my daughter, my dad and their dog. My mommy was able to retire and pick up this hobby after losing the enormous expense of a 215 pound, trouble making 18 year old.

Jason's food bill at age 18 - $600 per month
Jason's bail bill at age 18 - $1500 per month
Avg # of headaches caused - 487 per month
Having your now 30 year old son brag about you on his blogger page........priceless.

My mommies name is Linda Curtis.

War with Iran

I'm hearing more and more about 'information' regarding us looking into Iran. This may make sense as they were part of the origional axis of evil theory. Bush and Chaney have denied all these accusations back in the fall and they are denying them again now but it does seem like we've been down this road before. How long before we are in another war?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

MMA Reality show

So I was a little dissapointed last night, I thought that they were going to fight every week to kick people off but it turns out that they will only do that every once in a while. Last night the coach got to select the people to go home. Jason, the whiney Canuck got sent home 1st, no real shocker. They did preview next weeks episode where there will be a no holds barred fight to decide who will stay on the show. Hopefully this is true. They showed the teams going through there 6 hour training session which included lifting, cardio, sparring and bag drills.

Mike's last night

Since this is Mike's last night I thought I'd write a song about our experiences over the last couple months.

Here we are, dear old friend. You and I drunk again.
Laughs have been had and tears have been shed, maybe the Whiskey's gone to my head...
but if I were gay I would give you my heart, and if I were gay you'd be my work of art,
and if I were gay we would swim in romance, but I'm not gay, so get your hand out of my pants.

It's not that I don't care, I do, I just don't see my self in you!
Another time, another scene, I'd be right behind you, if ya know what I mean,
cuz if I were gay I would give you my soul, and if I were gay I would give you my hole,
oops, that should have been 'whole' being.
and if I were gay we would tear down the walls,but I'm not gay, so won't you start cupping my... hand.

Monday, January 24, 2005

My Predictions

Unfortunately the prediction I wanted to come true, Steelers vs Patriots, was way off and the one I wanted to be wrong on, Eagles/Falcons, was right on. So we will stuck with another Boston championship. Yeah Patriots, ra ra ra. Does anyone think the Eagles can win?? I don't. My prediction - Patriots 35 Eagles -7. Yes, -7. Belicheck will find a way! All in all the Steelers game wasn't a complete loss, I was able to see my girlfriend, Bonnie Bernstien, several times. Her schedule has her on the road so much we really don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. Kinda to bad she doesn't cover hockey, then she'd be home all season.

Night #2

Saturday night!!!!!! Wahoo gotta love it. Met up at the E, our normal meeting place. Mike, Brewster, Daniel, Justin, Kat and John ready to hit it. We decided to go to the motocross show at the event center which was tough on Daniel and I since there is now hockey this year. That did not prevent Daniel from starting a here we go Predators chant, followed closely by my red wings suck cheer, something I have brought from the Rocky Mountains....AVALANCHE Country!!!!! (Just a note if your ever in Denver...You can be anywhere, an opera for example, and scream out "Red Wings Suck", the chant will not end for hours. Whoever said Detroit was hockeytown USA was full of crap.) Back so Saturday.

Side story. As we're leaving the Arena Kat is telling us a story about this guy who sent her a dozen roses after meeting her once. As she finishes the story she says "yeah, my ass hurts". I'll give you a second to read that again. ??????? This, of course, promted my response "well then I know why he bought you roses after the 1st date" hahahaha and everyone had a good laugh. She continues on to ask us if we'd never heard that expression. ??? huh. None of us had. She told us that this is an expression meaning "whatever", kind of a sarcastic expression. Needless to say that was the expression of the evening. I think I'm going to call up the Jerky Boys or Crank Yankers and see if they can use this. ring --- "Thank you for calling Wal Mart can I help you" Ed - "My ass hurts, yeah" Wal mart - "Please hold for the pharmecy" ring ---"Thank you far calling Home Depot" Ed - "My ass hurts, Yeah" Home Depot -"Please hold for plumbing". ring --"Thanks for calling the border may I take your order at Taco Bell" ok I won't finish that one!

After the motocross extravaganza we went over to Tootsie's to listen to some music. Daniel and I made it up to the stage, not sure who was playing but I was intrigued at the fact that they had this old guy 'ranger bob' and a midget. Usually you role with either and old guy or a midget but not both. Kid Rock - Midget....Gratefull Dead - Old Guys. I can't think of a band that has both. This might be an edge for them. We met Amy, Tabitha and Mindy. Danced with them for a while and talked them into heading on down to the Tin Roof on Demonbrumum (?). I haven't actually met anyone in Nashville (besides Peach) that can spell or pronounce that street. Tin Roof was fun, had some drinks and closed it down. Decided to go to the WH, The girls were from Kentuky and had not yet experienced the WH. Amy went with me, Mike and Brewster and Tabitha and Mindy went with Justine and Daniel. We got to the WH, they did not! At this point the evening gets strange because Amy did not have a cell phone and niether did her friends, Daniels was off so we could not get a hold of anyone, she also did not have a key to the hotel room they were staying at, to top it all off the reservation was not in her name. So here's Amy stuck at a WH with 3 guys she met about 4 hours earlier. We had a good time though and took care of here until we could get a hold of everyone. We returned her safely to her hotel sometime around 5am Sunday morning.

Another weekend accomplished. Brewster headed back to Knoxville - Had a good time Brother! I'll come up there sometime and we'll head out again. Mike's assignment in Nashvegas is up for at least 2 weeks maybe more so Monday night trivia in Spring Hill will be his last day for a while. He'll be back in Knoxville also. We have a trip planned to Gatlinburg at the end of February so we shall party again.

Night #1

Friday night began a new weekend adventure. Mike's buddy Brewster came down from Knoxville and we started of at the E as usual. Mike ran out to pick up Alana and we were off to Nashvegas (as Mike likes to call it). On the way out we had to go by Beethovens for Natalie's birthday party were I wound up carrying her frog, Mookie, around for about 2 hours making a complete ass of myself I'm sure. Good thing I do that enough that I'm used to it! Went on to Dolan's after that which sucked so we moved on to 2nd Ave. Hit a couple of clubs, did some dancing, a little drinking. Closed out the club and called it a night. No WH tonight! I did stop for some Cheetos and a coke which was good becasue when I got about 1 mile from my exit on 65s the was an accident. I sat on the freeway for almost 2 hours. Fell asleep in the car while the 'flight for life' helecopter air lifted people out, I never heard what happened. Hope everyone was alright. Got home.....530am.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Thought for the weekend.

Oldies but goodies!

Is boneless chicken considered to be an invertebrate?

Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?

Why do we put suits in a garment bag and put our garments in a suitcase?

If you want to mail someone some Styrofoam, what would you pack it in?

How come abbreviated is such a long word?

Why are they called buildings when they are finished? Shouldn’t they be called builts?

Why are they called apartments when they are all together?

Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?

Why are there 5 syllables in the word monosyllabic?

Why does lemon juice have artificial flavoring while dishwashing soap has real lemons?

And my personal favorite……

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to see it do the other trees make fun of that tree?

Ready for some Football!!!!

Here we go again. Another weekend approaches. With no hockey going on I dread the end of the football season. It will be a long off season. We have a couple of big games this weekend though, they could prove to be good ones. Philadelphia 'should' have no difficulty taking care of teh Falcon's. I think there only potential set back could be a low scoring game. If Vick can make 1 or 2 big plays in the snow (looks like there will be plenty) the tables could turn that quick.
Prediction - Eagles 24 Falcons 10
All the experts say the Pat's will do it again and go to their 3rd superbowl in 4 years. (I'd like to pause for a quick prayer and moment of silence...."please god, if you have any mercy do not let this happen. Please take Tom Brady's life before kickoff. I would not like to see him killed or permanently injured but at least out for the game") OK I'm back. I hope that the experts are wrong. Tom Brady has never been defeated in the playoffs and wether you like him or hate him, he wins! Big Ben has not lost in the pro's yet and is coming off what I think was a well needed bad game. Hopefully he will bounce back. This game should also see snow and be about the run game and defense, I think the Steelers are better at both.
Prediction - Steelers 27 Patriots 24

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Girlfriend Giggles

A poem for those romantics out there.

When I asked her out on our 1st date, she just smiled, nodded her head and giggled.
When I asked her to marry me, she just smiled, nodded her head and giggled.
And on that day she became my wife, she just smiled, nodded her head and giggled.
It was at that very moment I realized..........she's retarded.

Quick beer and home for a relaxing evening.

Had a long night last night so I decided to take it easy this evening. Met Brian and Joe down at the E for a beer and a game of trivia. The E was out of Makers so we decided to head to Dolan's to get Brian his favorite drink. After talking about football, business and Bonnie Bernstien for a while I realized I was a few beers in. Russ showed up and started buying Jager shots. Always a good idea at 6pm on a Wednesday. So I called Daniel and Mike to see about getting some dinner. Daniel, his roommate and Kat came and picked me up and we headed downtown. We went do Demonbrium (?) Street where the Jager and Tequila flow Alright so I'm not a writer but there was a lot! Started at a little Irish place which featured what could only be described as an American Idol reject as it's main source of entertainment. Mike met up with us and we made are way down Demonbrian (?). Many bars and many drinks had passed, we hopped in the cars and headed to Bar 23. A new experience for Mike and I. Bar 23 was like a gap commercial on extasy, only we didn't have any. Good music, good dancing, nice place yet I couldn't help but feel a little out of place being not stoned. It's like being the only one not licking your collar at a Pink Floyd concert. At any rate it was a good night with a lot of twists and turns. Ended up eating that dinner I was looking for at WH at 330 in the am, Mike's first meal since the last trip to WH the night before.

Here's to accomplishments!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday's with Frank

Frank is someone I work with. He's a few fries short of a happy meal. Another friend, Brent, and I are going to start taking him to lunch once a week to hear his fascinating stories.

A couple of weeks ago while at lunch Frank was telling Brent (I missed the live version of this one) that he grew up in Texas and enjoyed playing baseball. His particular ball park had no fences so when a player hit a home run someone would need to go into the woods to retrieve the ball. Frank went on to explain that this was no easy task due to the fact that the woods of Texas are infestes with rattlesnakes and weasels. ????weasels???? "Yep, in Texas the weasels are known for eating children, they'll take them right out of the stroller and drag them off in to the woods!" Fascinating!

We are now trying to confirm any weasel abductions, sightings. Maybe the weasels were rabbid. I seem to remember a rabbid weasel in the movie return of the living dead. Maybe not.

HUH??? I swear to you this is true. (at least Frank telling the story) If there are any readers from Texas still allive after the weasel infestation that would care to comment I would love to hear. Any links to news articles would also be welcome.

Another Long Night

Well I went down to the E again, my local hot spot. Or should I say Linda's local hot spot as she called it last night. (she was a little grouchy) They brought the comp bar people over to are area, a bunch of non-locals annoying us all night. No worries, we made it through! Ended up running into some people I hadn't seen in a while, Lori and Lisa. Later in the evening Mike and Daniel had shown up so we were all singing and laughing, we were told by hotel management to keep it down. That was all Daniel's fault though, I'm never the loud one. We ended up at Waffle House at 2 in the morning playnig all the WH favorites like the WH March, Oops I Waffled again, Against all Waffles, I like big Waffles and I cannot lie. (OK, maybe we made a couple of those up but they're well known now!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Weekend

It was an eventful weekend, I drank heavily (wierd!) and watched football (equally wierd!).

Friday night was a going away party for a close friend, the person who talked me into moving to Nashville and working with him. Had a good time.

Saturday spent all day with my buddy Linda, watched the IU game in the morning (she's almost as obnoxious as I am when watching the team she loves). A double overtime nail biter that even I got into by the end. Home for a quick change of close and back to the bar to watch the Steelers beat the Jets. This made me incredibly happy since I hate the Jets.

Sunday watched football again, drank a lot and then hit the town of Franklin at about 1030pm. Hung out at Fridays with some friends.

Monday I went and checked out the new gym in Spring Hill, I'll join as soon as Darryl gets off his lazy but and gets his half of the info filled out! Discovered that the Pub in Spring Hill (can't miss is, it's the one that says "PUB" on the outside!) is begining a trivia night. My buddy Mike was going to come down to be part of my team but he got called to Knoxville so I went it alone. Came in 2nd to a team with 6 players. i think that will be my new Monday night activity.

Monday night my new favorite show started. On Spike TV they have a reality show about Ultimate Fighting. 8 light-heavy's and 8 middlewieghts slug it out for a 300k 3yr UFC deal. Being a huge fan of MMA I was instantly hooked. Doesn't hurt that my fellow Oregonian (where I grew up and idolized his Oregon State wrestling career) Randy Couture is one of the coaches. If you know nothing about MMA you should definately check out this show, it is very informative about what these athletes go through and why they choose this lifestyle.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

My new blogger page

today is my 1st day with a blogger page. I'm at work and have nothing to say right now, glad I took the time to share all my thoughts.