Monday, January 24, 2005

Night #1

Friday night began a new weekend adventure. Mike's buddy Brewster came down from Knoxville and we started of at the E as usual. Mike ran out to pick up Alana and we were off to Nashvegas (as Mike likes to call it). On the way out we had to go by Beethovens for Natalie's birthday party were I wound up carrying her frog, Mookie, around for about 2 hours making a complete ass of myself I'm sure. Good thing I do that enough that I'm used to it! Went on to Dolan's after that which sucked so we moved on to 2nd Ave. Hit a couple of clubs, did some dancing, a little drinking. Closed out the club and called it a night. No WH tonight! I did stop for some Cheetos and a coke which was good becasue when I got about 1 mile from my exit on 65s the was an accident. I sat on the freeway for almost 2 hours. Fell asleep in the car while the 'flight for life' helecopter air lifted people out, I never heard what happened. Hope everyone was alright. Got home.....530am.


Blogger Mike said...

One thing you forgot about this night was my ignorance when I tried to start some trouble with those two guys holding axles out of a car threatening me and stuff.Then somehow I got demoted to the back seat of my own ride.How the hell did that happen?..

6:19 PM  

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