Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Weekend

It was an eventful weekend, I drank heavily (wierd!) and watched football (equally wierd!).

Friday night was a going away party for a close friend, the person who talked me into moving to Nashville and working with him. Had a good time.

Saturday spent all day with my buddy Linda, watched the IU game in the morning (she's almost as obnoxious as I am when watching the team she loves). A double overtime nail biter that even I got into by the end. Home for a quick change of close and back to the bar to watch the Steelers beat the Jets. This made me incredibly happy since I hate the Jets.

Sunday watched football again, drank a lot and then hit the town of Franklin at about 1030pm. Hung out at Fridays with some friends.

Monday I went and checked out the new gym in Spring Hill, I'll join as soon as Darryl gets off his lazy but and gets his half of the info filled out! Discovered that the Pub in Spring Hill (can't miss is, it's the one that says "PUB" on the outside!) is begining a trivia night. My buddy Mike was going to come down to be part of my team but he got called to Knoxville so I went it alone. Came in 2nd to a team with 6 players. i think that will be my new Monday night activity.

Monday night my new favorite show started. On Spike TV they have a reality show about Ultimate Fighting. 8 light-heavy's and 8 middlewieghts slug it out for a 300k 3yr UFC deal. Being a huge fan of MMA I was instantly hooked. Doesn't hurt that my fellow Oregonian (where I grew up and idolized his Oregon State wrestling career) Randy Couture is one of the coaches. If you know nothing about MMA you should definately check out this show, it is very informative about what these athletes go through and why they choose this lifestyle.


Blogger Linda said...

"Almost as obnoxious"? ALMOST?

I'm hurt. I'll have to try harder next time.


1:05 PM  
Blogger Bruceleeroy said...

Just seeing if you were paying attention. Although I will say you've never seen me at a hockey game or watching mma on pay per view.

1:42 PM  

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