Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday's with Frank

Frank is someone I work with. He's a few fries short of a happy meal. Another friend, Brent, and I are going to start taking him to lunch once a week to hear his fascinating stories.

A couple of weeks ago while at lunch Frank was telling Brent (I missed the live version of this one) that he grew up in Texas and enjoyed playing baseball. His particular ball park had no fences so when a player hit a home run someone would need to go into the woods to retrieve the ball. Frank went on to explain that this was no easy task due to the fact that the woods of Texas are infestes with rattlesnakes and weasels. ????weasels???? "Yep, in Texas the weasels are known for eating children, they'll take them right out of the stroller and drag them off in to the woods!" Fascinating!

We are now trying to confirm any weasel abductions, sightings. Maybe the weasels were rabbid. I seem to remember a rabbid weasel in the movie return of the living dead. Maybe not.

HUH??? I swear to you this is true. (at least Frank telling the story) If there are any readers from Texas still allive after the weasel infestation that would care to comment I would love to hear. Any links to news articles would also be welcome.


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