Monday, January 31, 2005

Another Crazy Weekend

So another crazy weekend goes into the books. Daniel and I were having an awesome time Friday night, dancing, singing. We were out with some new friends and some old friends. The evening ended with the shot heard round the world. Daniel and I were at the bar, me in on a stool and him sitting next to me, out of no where some guy punches Daniel. Daniel falls being a little stunned and then tackles the guy to try and defend himself. I turn in my chair and bam, I get punched in the face! Now let me just say that the guy who hit me was no where near the size of the guy who hit Daniel. This guy did no damage, I jump out of my stool and yell "is that all you got" and then someone grabbed me from behind, one of the bar tenders I think. The guy runs in to the pool room and grabs a cue to come at me again, but by this time the staff and some friends had pretty much broken everything up. The finally pulled Daniel off the other guy before he could kill him! The cops showed up and arrested the guy who it Daniel, he apparently is a local hoodlum who was on probation. He and his little buddy who hit me are obviously cowards who don't know how to deal with people. We came to find out later that this was all because I beat this guy in pool or something??????? Wow. Glad I'm not in high school anymore, don't you wish everyone was. So Daniel got a little bit of a black eye all for me and I have felt terrible about it ever since. We've at least got to the point where we can share a few laughs about it. I can't believe that guy hit him instead of me, pussy! Maybe I should explain to those of you who can't see me is that I weigh in at 250, stocky and no neck while Daniel weighs in around 190, he is stocky as well and I am certain would have had no trouble with the coward had he came at him face to face. Neither Daniel or I saw the punch even coming. It's just the point of the matter, if he was mad at me he should have been man enough to take it out on me and not my friends. We did go back to Beethoven's the night after where the manager informed Daniel that if one more incident like that happened they would kick him out. Meanwhile the guy who punched me was back in the pool room. I asked if they wouldn't mind me going back there and hitting him once, they said no. (I will say I am not a coward and if I choose to do something like that at this late stage in my life I would do it face to face and not blind side him like he did me.)
Not that I would have done that anyway, I think the cops choose not to arrest him because he hits like a 6 year old girl. I should know, I have a 6 year old girl and I teach her to defend herself. I think the next time she is out here I will let her fight this guy, I'm confident she has more power than him, he might be a little faster and I'm sure he'd try and sucker punch her too. But she'd win! The unfortunate part to the whole evening is that we were on our way to one of our best nights ever, I remember dancing on the fire place with Shelley and Susan??? We had been singing at the E for hours and almost got kicked out again (always a good time).


Blogger Mike said...

wow..I kinda wish I were there, but kinda glad I wasn't. I for sure would have went to jail knowing me had I been there. I am not always the most level headed one of the bunch when it comes to issues such as that. Kudos to you on how you handled yourself. It often takes a much bigger man to stand down than to rip someone apart.

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