Monday, January 24, 2005

Night #2

Saturday night!!!!!! Wahoo gotta love it. Met up at the E, our normal meeting place. Mike, Brewster, Daniel, Justin, Kat and John ready to hit it. We decided to go to the motocross show at the event center which was tough on Daniel and I since there is now hockey this year. That did not prevent Daniel from starting a here we go Predators chant, followed closely by my red wings suck cheer, something I have brought from the Rocky Mountains....AVALANCHE Country!!!!! (Just a note if your ever in Denver...You can be anywhere, an opera for example, and scream out "Red Wings Suck", the chant will not end for hours. Whoever said Detroit was hockeytown USA was full of crap.) Back so Saturday.

Side story. As we're leaving the Arena Kat is telling us a story about this guy who sent her a dozen roses after meeting her once. As she finishes the story she says "yeah, my ass hurts". I'll give you a second to read that again. ??????? This, of course, promted my response "well then I know why he bought you roses after the 1st date" hahahaha and everyone had a good laugh. She continues on to ask us if we'd never heard that expression. ??? huh. None of us had. She told us that this is an expression meaning "whatever", kind of a sarcastic expression. Needless to say that was the expression of the evening. I think I'm going to call up the Jerky Boys or Crank Yankers and see if they can use this. ring --- "Thank you for calling Wal Mart can I help you" Ed - "My ass hurts, yeah" Wal mart - "Please hold for the pharmecy" ring ---"Thank you far calling Home Depot" Ed - "My ass hurts, Yeah" Home Depot -"Please hold for plumbing". ring --"Thanks for calling the border may I take your order at Taco Bell" ok I won't finish that one!

After the motocross extravaganza we went over to Tootsie's to listen to some music. Daniel and I made it up to the stage, not sure who was playing but I was intrigued at the fact that they had this old guy 'ranger bob' and a midget. Usually you role with either and old guy or a midget but not both. Kid Rock - Midget....Gratefull Dead - Old Guys. I can't think of a band that has both. This might be an edge for them. We met Amy, Tabitha and Mindy. Danced with them for a while and talked them into heading on down to the Tin Roof on Demonbrumum (?). I haven't actually met anyone in Nashville (besides Peach) that can spell or pronounce that street. Tin Roof was fun, had some drinks and closed it down. Decided to go to the WH, The girls were from Kentuky and had not yet experienced the WH. Amy went with me, Mike and Brewster and Tabitha and Mindy went with Justine and Daniel. We got to the WH, they did not! At this point the evening gets strange because Amy did not have a cell phone and niether did her friends, Daniels was off so we could not get a hold of anyone, she also did not have a key to the hotel room they were staying at, to top it all off the reservation was not in her name. So here's Amy stuck at a WH with 3 guys she met about 4 hours earlier. We had a good time though and took care of here until we could get a hold of everyone. We returned her safely to her hotel sometime around 5am Sunday morning.

Another weekend accomplished. Brewster headed back to Knoxville - Had a good time Brother! I'll come up there sometime and we'll head out again. Mike's assignment in Nashvegas is up for at least 2 weeks maybe more so Monday night trivia in Spring Hill will be his last day for a while. He'll be back in Knoxville also. We have a trip planned to Gatlinburg at the end of February so we shall party again.


Blogger Linda said...

We almost ran into each other! I was at Dan McGuinness on Demonbreun when they closed down - left there for Red Door and closed them down too. I think your bad habits are wearing off on me - but no WH for this girl.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

OMG it's Monday already.The weekend was a real sucess.We had a lot of fun..One thing though, how can you invite someone over to your house, not give you directions and then let your damn die...Oh well,I guess I needed some sleep anyway.I ahve really enjoyed my time here, and I am actively pursing the options to get back down here in a couple of weeks, worse comes to worse I will make a weekend trip down in a couple of weeks.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Bruceleeroy said...

Mike, I'm sure you can catch up with Brit some other weekend when your down. I left your whole ordeal out of my story, figured you'd talk about it.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Brewster asked for me to pass along a very big thanks to everyone that we hung out with over the weekend. He said he really enjoyed coming down and to let everyone know that you need to make a trip to K-Town and party with us sometime.I am still working on securing us a big ass chalet in the mountains for a weekend next month.

6:16 PM  

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