Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Ultimate Fighter

I can't believe it. After all the controversy they brought Leben back to the show. The rules laid out in this little reality serious were supposed to be you lose, you out! Leben lost 2 weeks ago in a controversial decision that the chat roooms are still debating. In this weeks episode another fighter who had been fighting an injury learned that he had a broken bone and damage that would require surgery. They offered him an assistant coaching position on the show and gave him the right to invite back anyone he wanted who was previously eliminated. He chose his buddy Chris Leben. I know most people hate this decision, it seems to me that the true fight fans like it because he's one of the better ones out there. I think the new UFC audience, the more mainstream people don't like the decision becasue it is not fair. I like Leben, I think the decision was not fair to the other fighters but I do think it will work itself out in the end. If Leben fights the way he did the 1st time he will find himself eliminated again. At the end of the show Raferty chose Diego (who was my pick to win the whole thing) and lost, poorly. Diego was on him quick and pummeled him to submission. It reminded me of an older brother holding down his younger sibling with no mercy. Raferty choose poorly!


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