Monday, February 28, 2005

Friday Night

Another Friday night started at the E. My close work buddies and some of the locals. Wasn't long before it was just me and Daniel ready to hit the town. We decided to check out Guido's pizza, heard they get a good late night crowd and the bartender said he'd take care of us. 20 Bacardi and coke's later, we knew he wasn't kidding. After getting the $30 tab we really new he wasn't kidding!!!! Of course we didn't just get there drinnk and leave. Daniel tried to impress Jen by playing the piano, mix Daniel's talent with 10 rum and coke's and you get 'lean on me' 24 straight times. I was hanging at the bar with Kim, schmoozing to get her to stay the night at my place next weekend. A simple plan, a little selfish since I will be in Tunica Gambling and attending the Freestyle Fighting Championship! #1 mission accompl...... OK, #2 mission accomplished :). The night was drawing an end so we headed to Dolan's for some more good times...... Another successfully great night on the town for the Flying Python.

Quote of the evening "How can Greg be such a shitty bartender at the E and so great at Guido's" Daniel. If your a regulay at the E that's funny, if not, sorry.


Blogger Mike said...

Hmm. I can't make Tunica with you fellas, but I might need to make sure your house is ok while you are gone......:)

9:22 AM  

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