Friday, February 18, 2005

NO more night times working for the flyingpython!

I just finished up what will be my last graveyard shift. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! I'm a little mazzo from the late nights but nothing new there. OK here's the plan.......

1) I stay up as late as I can, probably about 1-2pm.
2) Someone call me at 5 or 6pm and wake my lazy ass up!!!!!!!!!!
3) Drink Heavily.
4) 8pm Stop drinking, say Hi to Mike who should be rolling into town about then.
5) see step 3!
6) I said see step 3!

Both Mike and I missed Daniel's B-day bash so we're doing it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Blogger peach said...

lol..well, congrats on re-joining the land of the living. it'll be good to have you back!! :)

11:44 AM  

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