Sunday, February 13, 2005

My 1st Graveyard shifft

Well I made it through my 1st shift on late nights. Me, 2 of my superstar emplyoees and 2 new temps. These 2 temps they sent me I'm sure were the inspiration behind Beavis an Butthead. Every sentance they utter either ends in hehehe or huhuhu. One of them came in with long hair, a gargoyle t-shirt and a hat with a confederate flag. He had three of the largest rings on his right had I've ever seen. This would be Beavis, he looks like a rough biker type guy witha voice the compared to Mike Tyson crossed with Neil Young. Yes, it was odd. We found out the other guy, Butthead, has in the ball park of 6 cars in his backyard all with blown engines. When we went to go to work and he threw on some work gloves, black leather half finger gloves, and on the right hand he had cut out holes so his rings showed through the gloves. Priceless. Their sole job in this endeavor is for one of them to read every 25th name that comes of the machine and the other to follow along with a list of the complete file and make sure that 25th name matches the file list, this way we know we have all the people in the file. 1st off I don't know that either one of these guys reads very well, but at least they were on the same page. So I'm watching them becasue my faith has not quite been built up yet. So number 25 comes along...."sur-geye-oh" says Beavis, "yup", says Butthead, I look down, Sergio. Nubmer 50 "gus-steve" BV, "yup" BH, (Gustev). "Lipstick" BV, "yup" BH, (Letitia, Lipinski was the last name). So as there reading the names they are cracking themselves up with there comments. Suzanne Stump came up, "wouldn't that be funny if she only had one arm" BH, "yeah yeah, hehehe hehehe" BV. This went on to the shock and amazment of Blair and I (Blair, one of my superstars) for 6 hours until the night came to a screaching hault because of the name, and I shit you not, Peter Small. I can't describe the horror in the face of Blair and I when we heard BV say Peter Small, there was about a 5 second pause for it all to sink in and then it just started. I'm sure you all can imagine where they took this whole thing. I have to work all week with these 2!


Blogger Linda said...

At least you're getting free entertainment...

10:12 AM  
Blogger peach said...

LOL....honestly..and you are complaining because????

10:48 PM  

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