Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday!!!!

Another glori0us day. SuperBowl!!!!! who can deny it's one of the best holiday's of the year. My personal favorites. Went to a house party for the initial festivities, drank some beer, watched the game. A little closer than I thought but that was good. A lot better game than I'd th0ught it would be. We then headed over to the E for some post game festivities. Mike. Daniel and usual... We ran into Linda and Bigmom who watched the game there. Linda is starting her vacation so congrats to her. (Linda - Relax!!!! Take some you time and just relax. Get your massage done!!! you've earned it!) We also ran into Natalie, Kim and Russell. Locals who we run into once or twice a week. Regular readers may remember Natalie from my love frog, Mookie, whom I'm still trying to keep in touch with. Natalie will tell you I don't call or write but we all know that's not true. Despit many attempts I have not seen Mookie since Natalie's B-day party. Normally when I call he has been left unattended! We also ran into the 'rooms to go' crowd, a good bunch of people who like to have a good time at the E. Pretty busy for a Sunday night. Eventaully Daniel went home and Mike and I headed over to Dolan's. Mike wanted to meet Kim over there. (different Kim than listed above). We ended up all coming back to my house for a little party, movies, cigars, whatever. At any rate we had a good time. Actually I don't know that it is over yet!!! still partying for the superbowl!!!!!


Blogger Mike said...

wow.. I can not believe I have done it again.I slept another day away and accomplished absolutely nothing today.Man I have got to quit doing this.My second meeting I have missed with the city of Franklin in two weeks, consecutive Mondays now that I think about it. HMM.. maybe a trend here.

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