Friday, February 04, 2005

A Couple days off

Whew, I needed a couple days off from Mien Fuerer so I haven't been at work. I will have to return next Wednesday though. Maybe I'll find a new job before then. Been out to the bar a coupole times but no real adventures to speak of. I'll probably have a story or 2 after this weekend is over though. Tonight we're going to a Cats game. If there's no hockey we'll have to become arena football fans!!!! Tomorrow is UFC 51 (I Can"T Wait). Then of course is the Super Bowl. I hope it's a better game than I think it is going to be. I think New England will kill the Eagles. Sure TO will get his catches and a touchdown but I don't see much esle happening. One good thing is New England doesn't usually blow anyone out. But I think they will this weekend. As for the UFC we have 9 fights!!!!!! Top of the bill is Vitor Belfort vs. Tito Ortiz. I think Belfort will win. Both of these guys ar head cases though so either one coudl 'not show up' and prove me wrong. In the 2nd main event is Tim Sylva (6 ft 8 260) who's only loss came after getting his arm broke, he protested and wanted to continue but the DR wouldn't let him. He fights Andrei Arlofsky (6 ft 3 250). I like arlofsky's style and ability but Sylva is a mad man, don't see him losing to anyone. I think Broni will beat Sell even htough Baroni should never win he's a punk. I take Kyle over Irvin, Eilers over Buentello, Loiseau over Ray, Parisyan over Lylty, Diaz over Fickett and Tanner (from the Couture camp!) over Terrell. They've got a lot of striker vs striker match ups so we should be seeing a couple big knockouts on Saturday night. There's also a big boxing match on showtime so I might have to pull the 2nd TV out of the bedroom and watch all the fights.


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so, you finally joined the real world and got internet access at home?? btw, if you are going to become fans of arena football, you've got to know the name of the's the katz...:)

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oops...i meant

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