Saturday, February 12, 2005

Meet the Bloggers

So I got invited to this blogger mini-convention this morning. Linda, Jeanne and I met up at 7:30am at the Waffle House. Couple points to make.....
  • I did not know there was a 7:30 am on Saturday!
  • I call it the Waffle House instead of the WH I refer to in my previous experiences becasue they are 2 very different places. The WH (open to drunk singing people from 1am-5am) serves excellent food that always satisfy's my appetite. The Waffle House (Open to sober non-singing people from 5:01am-1259am)....aaaahhh.. it's not good!
  • Blogger convention???????

OK so we ate at the Waffle House and met at News Channel 2 for coffee 'n' stuff. Met fun people, everything I thought it would be, yada yada yada and we're outta there. So we're driving out of the parking lot (Linda rode with me) and we see this lady jogging, sweatpants, 1/2 sweatshirt (yuck, bigger lady!) smoking a cigarette, windbreaker tied around her back,.......what, smoking a cigarette, YES, she's smoking a cigarette, then I noticed she had a can in her other hand, I think it was a beer. For the 1st time in a long time I'm cosidering taking up jogging!


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